Reflecting on the old and looking to the New Year

As I sit and read through Facebook, I see all these posts about the new year and resolutions. I began to think back through this year. A lot has happened. First off, last year this day, we welcomed an exchange student from Spain's Basque Country to our family. He was with us for four months.… Continue reading Reflecting on the old and looking to the New Year


My book has a sibling

As I sit down to write, I can't believe it is that time already. In August I sat stunned and in disbelief that I had actually published a book. Dragon's Future made its debut on August 9. Holding it in my hands was such a joy! Giving it to my boys and watching them read… Continue reading My book has a sibling


Forging, Theology, and a Mother’s Heart

Today, I am proud to have a guest on my post. He is a young writer who has only really "published" work for his school teachers. His one piece that was published for more people to view was a winning entry to the South Coast Writers Conference in Gold Beach, Oregon, last February. He won… Continue reading Forging, Theology, and a Mother’s Heart


Dreams, expectations, and reality

Back in February when I submitted Dragon's Future to Booktrope, I had no idea what to expect from publishing. I was excited because I knew I didn't have to put any money into it the project, and if it made no money I was fine with that. I would have some printed books for my… Continue reading Dreams, expectations, and reality

Mom Life

Amid the Busyness

This week marked the second week of school. This year I have in essence three new classes. I have never taught leadership before. After being the class officers' adviser last year, I wanted to take this class on. The other class is Spanish Culture Studies, and elective that I designed to help give a taste… Continue reading Amid the Busyness


What does it take to be an Author?

On June 10 school was out! I was so excited. I was going to sit back, write, draw, and enjoy a lazy summer. Well, I didn't take into consideration the effort needed for being an author. My eighteen- and nineteen-year-olds are looking at me and wondering if they really want to be authors now. They… Continue reading What does it take to be an Author?


Why fantasy is a valid genre!

Today, I have the privilege of introducing you to Janet Ursel. I was introduced to her when I saw a post to do an advance reader copy of her book that was marked as Christian Fantasy. I immediately jumped at the opportunity and loved every last word of the book. I asked her to share… Continue reading Why fantasy is a valid genre!


Into the mind of a seventh grader

Yesterday morning, I had the privilege of delving into the mind of a seventh grader.  I had what I thought was going to be a six hour road trip with my thirteen year old son.  It turned into an eight hour trip.  I learned a lot about middle school students and had fun. We started… Continue reading Into the mind of a seventh grader