The Home of the El’Shad’n

Did you enjoy the sandhills of the El’Shad’n? Want to enjoy a banquet with them or hear the sound of the drums and watch the firedancers? Now’s your chance. Come see what it’s like.

Day in the Sandhills:


Can you feel the heat radiating off that sand? I can. It looks hot enough to bake a dragon egg! No wonder the El’Shad’n use cloths to protect the hatchlings.


This may explain why the El’Shad’n roam over this desert. There’s not enough for their flocks in any one place. Yet, there’s a rugged beauty to it as well.

Nightfall in the sandhills:

img="homes of the El'Shad'n"

The El’Shad’n live in the desert, but in homes like these. They create little villages with paths and such among the pavilions.

img="night in the sandhills"

And with nightfall, we have firedancers able to come out. The cool of the evening enables everyone to relax and enjoy–as long as there are no raids by dragons.


Accompanying this blast of light and heat is a woosh of sound. I’ll try to get you a video of firedancing, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to find one. It won’t be on location in the sandhills of the El’Shad’n though.

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