The Dragon Courage Series

Interested in the series Dragon Courage?  You have come to the right place.  Come find out about the twins Ruskya and Duskya, Kyn, Meredyth, Glendyn, Carryl, Braidyn and the others from the series.  (I don’t want to give away too much by mentioning the others outside of their rightful stories. I’ll be adding links as I go to explore the specific lands.)

Prequel: Dragon’s Heritage

Duskya’s granddaughter, Mere, longs to be a part of the rich family heritage of dragon riders. When a former friend, now dragon rider, begins teasing Mere, Duskya hands Mere a journal. Will Mere realize there’s more to her heritage than just dragons?

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Book 1: Dragon’s Future

Woolpren and Three Spans Canyon are steeped in traditions. Both dragon rider and dragons must follow the guidelines. When a rider from another colony comes seeking a plant, Ruskya and his friends must fight for their dragons’ future!

Fantasy book Dragon's Future
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Book 2: Dragon’s Heir

Boeskay lies to the south in a warmer clime than Woolpren and Three Spans Canyon. Braidyn has found a comfortable life, but his sense of justice gets the best of him when he goes searching for a nestling that has been eggnapped. Will he learn to balance justice with mercy or risk losing what is important to him?

Fantasy book Dragon's Heir
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Book 3: Dragon’s Revenge

The land of the Carr is a place where wild dragons, known as drakes, have been at war with humans for over five hundred winters. Can Kyn and Ben’hyamene help set aside revenge to bring peace to land?

Fantasy book Dragon's Revenge
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Book 4: Dragon’s Cure

Carryn and Serena have lived in Boeskay their whole lives. However, the actions of a mutual friend sets them on a journey where they will discover that bitterness holds a person captive as much as chains hold a slave. Will the girls surrender to the dragon’s cure?

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Book 5: Dragon’s Posterity

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Revisit all of your favorite lands and characters. Then journey with Kyn as he searches for a memory left by Aislin, the wild drake. Will this strange memory/dream be the key to empowering the next generation of dragon riders?


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4 thoughts on “The Dragon Courage Series”

  1. I love these books! I love Wryn and Duskya because they remind me of me. the characters are relatable while still bringing a new look on life and a new adventurous world. Thanks Mrs.Wyatt!

    1. Alana, I’m so glad you enjoy the books. Duskya was fun to write. She’s so different from me. Dragon’s Heritage came about because someone wanted to know more about her. You are very welcome. Thanks for letting me know what you thought.

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