Dragon Riders of the Dragon Courage Series

Meet your favorite dragon riders from all the lands. Scroll through the list and click on a link. If a rider doesn’t have a link and you want to know more about that rider, drop me a note. I’ll add a page.

Woolpren Dragon Riders:

  • Glendyn: royal blue eyes; warrior-like; patient teacher; brown hair with a few gray strands; strong face; Dragon: Wyden was 138 in Dragon’s Cure
  • Ruskya: icy blue eyes; tow-headed as a child; skinny and short As an adult: shorter of stature, thin, blonde with icy blue eyes. Dragon: Wyeth 
  • Carryl: green eyes, red hair, small but strong; Dragon: Wyn, bluebell color 
  • Ardyn: redheaded with blue, green, and purple blended eyes, thin and tall—lanky Dragon: Nube; 18 years old in Dragon’s Cure
  • Sylvern: blonde haired, quiet girl; Kathryn and Tyler: each are 2 years apart. Children of Carryl and Ruskya.
  • Kyn: tow-headed; midnight blue eyes As an adult: medium height, blonde with pale skin and midnight blue eyes. Striking with the pale skin and dark eyes 32 years old in Dragon’s Cure; Dragon: Wylen was 22
  • Serena: lilac eyes; slender and tall; long blonde hair; Dragon: Mertenia
  • Kyle: tall, lanky man. He definitely looked like a rider. The man had mahogany eyes, ebony hair and sun tanned skin. He had seen more winters than Ruskya by at least five. Later his eyes are aqua colored
  • Meredyth: 78 in Dragon’s Cure

Boeskay Dragon Riders:

  • Cerulean: stormy bluish-green eyes; tall, blonde, with suntanned skin; strong; almost harsh features—stark maybe would be better word. Age: 60 in Dragon’s Cure; Dragon: Wymar
  • Duskya: silver blue eyes; dark hair, slender, tall, Dragon: Wryn; 35 in Dragon’s Cure
  • Carryn: Periwinkle eyes; long, curly hair the color of ebony; nose is a little button style nose Dragon: Peri; 15 at Dragon’s Cure
  • Darryn: dark hair, aqua eyes; three years old at Dragon’s Heir
  • Tyrone: tall, teal eyes, trusting in all Dragon: Trullo
  • Trevor: sea-green eyes; burly; dark skinned from sun and fire; red-headed 18 year old in Dragon’s Cure; Dragon: Cardyn
  • Dan’l: Trevor’s trainer
  • Carvall (farmer): sturdy, graying man

The Carr Dragon Riders:

  • Shylah: Dragon: Halburne, burgundy colored
  • Calum: 9 year old in Fen redheaded with magenta eyes; Dragon: Renfrew
  • Caedmon: Dragon: Cenweard, ruby colored 300 years old in Dragon’s Revenge
  • Deverell: Dragon: Aethelwine, wine colored 300 years old
  • Bryce: 6 year old in Dragon’s Revenge; red-headed timid as a child; Dragon: blood-red Dreor


Humans who pledged to keep the frith and received dragon courage and a blessing from Renfrew. They have longer life span (150-200) and that will propagate on to their offspring.

  • Camryn: Muscular guard, slender of frame, tall,
  • Brogran: large, muscular man; not medium height; oval face with a partial red beard and mustache; redheaded and green eyes

San Valencia Dragon Riders:

  • Tyrell: cyan eyes; slender fingers; round face; bearded; dashing and strong; Dragon: Tan’r
  • Jareem: A dark skinned tall rider with greenish-blue eyes—more green than blue. His dragon is Verdance
  • Geoff: a tall light skinned rider; trainer of Jareem
  • Gregor: the mine owner and runner of the slave trade.

El’shad’n Dragon Riders:

  • Braidyn: He now was a sun bronzed man of twenty-four. His darker skin made his turquoise eyes stand out. He had let his dark hair grow to shoulder length as was customary of several of the riders of the south. Six foot tall, chest full of muscles Dragon: Turqueso was 170 at Dragon fen Braidyn is 34 in Cure
  • Sarai: small, slender, dark skin, deep brown eyes (Arabic-like) long, dark, curly hair Dragon: Yarok—emerald Have three kids: boy (8), girl (6), and Call’eb (3) ages in Cure
  • Ye’sock: sage eyes, tall, dark skin and curly hair, slender Dragon: Salv’ia wife: Re’veck’ah
  • Av’ior: taller than Ye’sock, dark skin and dark curly hair, large frame, muscular, eyes of forest green wife: Ah’dah three children
  • Ben’hyamene: 18 years old at Fen; Dark skinned and haired with beard
  • El’eyal: hunter colored eyes, third oldest of Ya’cove’s sons
  • El’esaw: The man was tall, built like many riders with the upside down pear shape—wide at the shoulders and thin at the waist. He had lighter hair than the others, but his skin was just as dark. Eyes the color of mint. Cousin to Av’ior
  • Ah’vrom: Ye’sock’s oldest boy, small frame, dark skinned myrtle colored dragon; Adiv becomes his is’sha
  • Gah’vri: Ra’kell’s husband spring green dragon
  • Iy’rad: lime green dragon originally with El’esaw
  • Ya’bal: jade dragon originally with El’esaw
  • Ma’halal’el: olive dragon with Av’ior five children
  • Year’ed: shamrock dragon with Av’ior three kids
  • Han’ock: melon dragon with Av’ior three kids and seven grandkids
  • Tyrian: came with Braidyn from Boeskay only male to do so
  • Tera: came with Braidyn from Boeskay
  • Marylyn: came with Braidyn from Boeskay
  • Deja: came with Braidyn from Boeskay
  • Yochanan: youngling swayed by Ya’cove and Gah’vri

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