Fantasy Realms of Author Kandi J Wyatt

Welcome to the fantasy realms of Kandi J Wyatt. Come explore and enjoy. Do you like dragons and dragon riders? Then the Dragon Courage series would be your next stop. Do you enjoy journey style fantasy with strange creatures and myths and legends? Then Journey from Skioria would be up your alley. Want more realistic fantasy that features the modern world and mythical creatures? Then the Myth Coast Adventures is what you’re looking for.

Dragon Courage:

Enter a realm where dragons and riders live in peace together–most of the time. Discover the books, the dragons, riders, and their lands.

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Myth Coast Adventures:

Welcome to Myrtle Beach, Oregon, where cranberries, sheep, and cattle outnumber the people, but where a rift in the space-time continuum has drawn the attention of the NSA and a poacher of mythical creatures. Join the young teens of Myrtle Beach as they struggle to protect the creatures they love from nefarious adversaries.

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Journey with Tania from the forest of Skioria through Terra and Avary on to the mountain and beyond. Explore the land of the forests, learn about the characters, and find information about the book.

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