Lands of Dragon Courage

Choose your location in the world of dragon courage. Where do you want to go? Find out more about the lands, the whys and wherefores of the place and the dragons.

img="lands of Dragon Courage"

In the North, there’s:

Woolpren & Three Spans Canyon

img="Dragon and Rider"


Just south of the inland sea is the town of:


img="Land of Boeskay"


To the east of the inland sea is the lands of:

The sandhills of the El’Shad’n

img="lands of the El'Shad'n"


To the west of the inland sea is the land of:

The Carr

img="land of The Carr"


To the southeast of Boeskay is the city of:

San Valencia


To the southwest of the Car is the land of:

The Youngling Plain

img="The Youngling Plain"


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