Youngling Challenge Plain

In a strange dream, Kyn sees an ocean plain with the tents of the riders from all the colonies spread out on it. Younglings and trainers come together to prove the worth of the youngling. The problem is that he’s never seen water so vast or the plain. It seems to be one of Aislin’s memories.

The Youngling Plain:

This land actually exists! If you drive along Highway 101 from Brookings, Oregon to Gold Beach, Oregon, you’ll come to a turn off for Pistol River and then go over a bridge. Look to the east, away from the ocean, and you’ll see the field full of sheep. That’s where the inspiration for the Youngling Challenge Plain came from. Add in many evenings at SCA events and the two blended together. Just add dragons, and it’s perfect!

img="Youngling Challenge Plain"

As I said, sheep exist in the field in real life, but in Dragon’s Posterity it’s filled with pavilions, younglings, trainers, and dragons. img="Youngling Challenge Plain"

And there’s Highway 101 and the bridge. Isn’t it amazing how my cover artist was able to take these photos and make them look like fantasy?

img="Youngling Challenge Plain"

The Youngling Ocean:

The Pacific Ocean has been my home for the past twenty-five years, so having it in my stories is a natural. I love the rocks of the Southern Oregon Coast and how they jut up out of the water. These rocks are home to many ocean birds; so why not have a dragon sleeping on a rock? It seemed natural for Wylen and Mertenia to curl up together on one. So, as I was stuck in writer’s block, I drew the two of them sleeping.

img="Coquille Point"

img="sleeping dragons"


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