Myth Coast Adventures

Welcome to the Myth Coast Adventures trilogy. Myrtle Beach, Oregon is a sleepy, rural town where nothing much happens until a rift in the space-time continuum opens up and begins depositing mythical creatures. Everyday life is no longer mundane when eighth graders discover these wondrous creatures. When the NSA and a poacher enter Myrtle Beach, life becomes even more crazy.

An Unexpected Adventure:

When four eighth graders discover a dragon’s egg, they must choose between protecting their treasure from the NSA or protecting their town from a growing dragon!

E.T. meets How to Train Your Dragon

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An Unexpected Escapade:

Junior high can be tricky, especially your eighth grade year, but when a rift in the time-space continuum
allows a unicorn to join your horses, it can get even trickier.

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An Unexpected Exploit:

A regular summer hunting trip takes a new turn when Franklin falls into the mythical realm of Shinwano.
When he returns home, he finds a poacher, a NSA agent, and his friends all interested in the portal–and all for differnt reasons.

Coming, September, 2019