So glad you decided to stop by to learn more about Kandi J Wyatt. Feel free to browse my books, read through the blog, or learn more about me. You’ll find this is home to the Dragon Courage series, Myth Coast Adventures, Journey from Skioria, To Save a Race, and The One Who Sees Me, as well as learning how fantasy may be more real than you think.

img="Ridley Pearson"

“Have you ever ridden a dragon? You’re about to, so hold on tight! Dragon’s Future is quite the ride!”

  • Ridley Pearson, NYT Bestselling Author of Peter and the Starcatchers

Ridley Pearson

img="Insatiable Reader"

“an oh-so-entertaining-and-enchanting read that I simply could NOT put down! “

  • Gina, Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

Insatiable Readers

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