Woolpren & Three Spans Canyon


Welcome to the canyon country where Ruskya and Duskya grew up and  where tradition and formality are of upmost importance. Here blue dragons roam the skies and riders help keep the peace. The walls confine and bring comfort to their inhabitants, while out on the high desert plains farms flurish. Summers are hot, and winters are cold. Here’s what Three Spans Canyon would look like in the winter.


High desert provides fertile ground as long as water is able to reach it, leaving most farmers to sow grain and raise animals. Canyons break up the monotonous brown plains. Two kinds of canyons jut up out of the desert floor–box canyons that reach to the skies blocking out all light except from directly overhead, and hilly canyons that meander along creekbeds with steep sides that agile creatures climb and dragons bed down in crags high on the hillsides.

img="Woolpren and Three Spans Canyon"


While the land may seem inhospitable, the people regard manners and respect among the best traits one could have. Elders are treated with utmost respect, and younglings are taught to honor all at an early age.

“Honored rider, I entrust you with the training and upbringing of my younglings,” her soft familiar voice repeated the traditional greeting. “May they fly true and brave.”

Glendyn admired her courage and replied, “Respected mother, I will endeavor to bring them up and to train them to be honored riders. May your home know peace and fulfillment from your sacrifice. I will keep my promise,” he added, and received a warm smile of thanks from Meredyth, her pale gray eyes moist with unshed tears. He turned and added, “Come, younglings, you have a lot to learn. I hear you are already learning many things. I believe great things are in store for you both.”

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