The Waters of the Carr

Welcome to the Carr. Inspired by my own homeland, where the Coquille River floods during the winter rains, the Carr is a fantasy version of what would happen if a river ran wide through a valley. The mountains contain bear, cougar, and bobcats along with deer and elk. With dragons flying through the land, the inhabitants have learned to watch their backs as well as the skies.

The Land:

img="the Carr"

This gives you an idea of the width of the valley. Imagine if it was filled almost all the way for the whole year. Then you have the Carr.

img="The Carr"

The fog lays heavy over the Carr most mornings. Dragons break through to the sun and trail the whisps of clouds with them.

The Waters:

Water flows through the valley deep enough for dragons to plunge into their depths. Drakes often skim over the top of the river to snatch fish for their meals, much like an eagle or hawk would. It’s this love of water that enables Kyn to have a midnight blue dragon instead of the dusty dirty one when they’re back home in Three Spans Canyon.

This video of the audiobook will give you more of a feel for the Carr.


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