Rider Colony at Boeskay

The inland sea divides the worlds of Dragon Courage. All places are described in relation to their location to the inland sea. Boeskay lies south of the sea along the Sur River. Being further south, enables Boeskay to boast warmer weather as well as fertile lands.

Topography of Boeskay:

Along the river, cliffs with caves provide perfect shelter for dragons and those who find themselves wandering without a home. Further away from the river, flat open farmland provides the market with all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and some grains. Farmers bring their wares to the market each day, supplying the town and colony with fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.

He considered the farmer’s display. The red tomatoes contrasted with the greens of the peppers, lettuce, and cucumbers. The orange carrots brought a bright spot to the earth tones of potatoes, ginger, onions, and garlic. The reds of the strawberries were surrounded by the pale yellows and greens of melons. He had always thought this vendor had more of an artistic arrangement than the others.
~Braidyn’s observations of the market from Dragon’s Heir

img="Boeskay farmlands"

People of Boeskay:

Boeskay has many normal, everyday people that live here. The riders have their colony to the south of town. In the town itself, you can find a place to spend the night at the inn, a dressmakers, blacksmith, general store, and many other typical places. The most colorful of them all is the market. Here farmers bring their produce to barter and sell.

img="Farmer Carvall"

Carvall made friends with Braidyn when the youngling became a full-fledged rider. Turqueso burns Carvall’s fields and makes them ready for planting. After Braidyn leaves, Darryn eventually learns from Carvall, and from there Mere learns about herbs on Carvall’s farm.

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