San Valencian Mines

San Valencia is a trading town much like what you’d expect out of Little House on the Prairie. It’s at the junction of the main road coming from Boeskay and the roads coming from the south and east. To the west lie the mountains. With the mines and the slave trade, San Valencia is a booming town that sprawls out for several spans.

San Valencia: the town:

With general stores, slave markets, and regular markets the town has what anyone would want. From inns and saloons to blacksmith and carpenters your needs are met, as long as you’re not a slave. Then you have to rely on your master, and hope you’re not sent off to the mines.

img="San Valencia"

Can you feel the grime of the trip? Not all of San Valencia is as rugged as these photos, but it gives you the idea. While here, you might as well stop in and say hi to Kyn’s friend, the merchant. He runs a clean shop for all your needs and even has some quality tea. He’d rather not trade in ebony and will give you a discount if you only have coins.


San Valencia: the mines:

The ebony trade didn’t used to be so terrible before Gregory bought out the mine. The conditions are now horrendous and life-expectancy is minimal even for the most healthiest of slaves. Traders and common folk use ebony for goods as well as selling it to others.


Although there’s no electricity, oil lamps and candles light the rails for the push carts in the mines.


At the end of a long day, slaves don’t have the freedom to relax in a nice bed. Instead, they head home to the slave quarters for the night where they will receive a meager meal and hard cot.

San Valencia: the mountains:

Tyrell escaped with Kadi and Samuel to the mountains. It’s here that the dragon colony was established. Their goal is to help free slaves and eventually end the slave trade. They’ve built quite an extensive system of caverns to live in.

img="San Valencia Mountains"

They don’t have such a wonderful path leading to their doorway, but instead slaves and slave owners have heard tales of a ghost dragon who lives in the mountains. Owners avoid the mountains, while slaves long to go there.

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