Dragons of the Dragon Courage series

All the Dragon Courage dragons are four legged dragons with iridescent and translucent wings. They have short cone shaped horns from the forehead down their neck and along their tail. There are no horns on their back. They also have longer side horns on their head around where they would have ears.

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Dragons of Three Spans Canyon:

Wyden: Glendyn’s dragon. He is royal blue in color. He is larger than most dragons in the colony because he has seen around 300 winters.

Wyeth: Ruskya’s dragon. He is icy blue, like the blues in a iceburg. He’s smaller than most dragons.

Wyn: Carryl’s dragon. She’s periwinkle, a bluish-purple in color.

Wryn: Duskya’s dragon. She is silvery blue and larger than her twin Wyeth.

Wylen: Kyn’s dragon. He’s midnight blue–like a night sky without clouds or a moon.


Dragons of the colony at Boeskay:

Wymar: Cerulean’s dragon. He’s a storm-cloud bluish-green in color.

Peri: Carryn’s dragon. Peri’s a periwinkle (purplish-blue) dragon. She’s eggnapped as a nestling.

Aquata: Darryn’s dragon. He’s a aqua colored dragon that’s thick and short.

Trullo: Tyrone’s dragon. He’s a teal dragon.

Cardyn: Trevor’s dragon. Cardyn’s a sea-green dragon that won’t pull a forge behind him.

Mertenia: Serena’s dragon. Mertenia is a smallish dragon of lilac color. She chooses her rider without her rider wanting to be chosen.


Dragons of the Carr:

Halburne: Shylah’s dragon. Burgandy of color.

Renfrew: Calum’s dragon. Renfrew is a wild, magenta colored drake.

Cenweard: Caedmon’s dragon. Cenweard has seen 300 winters. He’s a ruby-red dragon.

Aethelwine: Deverell’s dragon. As his name suggests, he’s a wine colored dragon.

Dreor: Bryce’s dragon. Dreor is a wild drake that has chosen a human but wants to maintain his freedom. Together, Bryce and Dreor live in the Carr away from people.


San Valencia dragon colony:

Tan’r: Tyrell’s dragon. A cyan dragon with a keen sense of right and wrong. Even when his rider is willing to walk the wrong path, Tan’r speaks out against the injustice.

Verdance: Jareem’s dragon. He’s a greenish-blue dragon that is more green than blue. He hates the slave trade.


El’shad’n dragons:

Turqueso: Braidyn’s dragon. As his name suggests, Turqueso is turquoise. After gaining his freedom from his first rider, he chooses young Braidyn as a rider. The two together work to right any injustices in the world. Turqueso is much older than his rider, which is unusual.

Yarok: Ah’doneye Yacove’s dragon. The emerald dragon is under a compulsion to the leader of the El’shad’n. When he gains his freedom, he chooses a more worthy rider.

Salv’ia: Ye’sock’s dragon. The sage dragon is a perfect match for the second son of Yacove.


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