Mom Life

Amid the Busyness

This week marked the second week of school. This year I have in essence three new classes. I have never taught leadership before. After being the class officers' adviser last year, I wanted to take this class on. The other class is Spanish Culture Studies, and elective that I designed to help give a taste… Continue reading Amid the Busyness


Schools where Book Week starts

This week was Children's Book Week. As I finished up, I thought yesterday's post would be the last one about the book week and I'd finish with one for Mother's Day. However, as I cruised through facebook, I found a link to a newspaper report and a video that I had to share with you… Continue reading Schools where Book Week starts


Unsung Children’s Stories

This week for Children's Book Week, I've been focusing on good children's literature. However, there is one section of children's stories that has not been addressed. This is one that every single one of us has had a hand in. How many have heard the words, "Tell me a story"? All of us have either… Continue reading Unsung Children’s Stories


Leadership Conference

Well, this past weekend, I was given the opportunity to spend Sunday and Monday with five high school students. I picked them up at 8:00 am. The three hour trip was pretty quiet. No talking, just everyone plugged into their own music. While there, the kids found themselves overwhelmed with music, people, and excitement! Ice… Continue reading Leadership Conference