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4 Secrets for Awesome Read Alouds from a Mom

My fifth grade year, Mom would clean up supper dishes and then we'd sit down in the living room and she'd read to us Angel Unaware by Dale Evans Rogers. The memory is with me to this day of the feeling of contentment and peace sitting and listening to Mom's voice. I've continued the tradition by reading after dinner with my family. Here's what I've learned over the years.


Migraine–an interrupter of life

My holiday plans were interrupted by a migraine headache this week. It made ringing in the new year a little bit harder than normal. I didn't join the Scrabble game, just kept score. Migraines have plagued me since I was in junior high. I can remember one of my first ones in the eighth grade.… Continue reading Migraine–an interrupter of life


A Song for the Holidays

With Christmas around the corner and family plans of getting together for the first time in several years, I have been thinking of my grandpa. Gramps Pat had a wonderful bass singing voice. He sang in choir and serenaded us at Christmas time. Our favorite that he would sing as far back as I can… Continue reading A Song for the Holidays


Gifts that are Free

This year, I have started to use a program called ClassCraft in my classroom. It has been fun to watch how the students react to it. ClassCraft is a game created by a teacher to make learning fun. Students are divided into three categories, mage, warrior, or healer, each having their own special abilities. Students… Continue reading Gifts that are Free


The Making of Magic

As a teacher, I have gone through several classes on teaching students about literature. My favorite genre is fantasy. One thing I learned is that the main ingredient for a fantasy tale is magic. As children we can believe in the possibility of magic. We look for it in every nook and corner. As we… Continue reading The Making of Magic


Inconvenient Kindness

Fifteen minutes left, I thought and counted the parents I had seen that night. Eight, not bad, but still rather small for three hours. I looked up and saw one more parent take a seat across the gym. I sighed. I had two of his kids in my classes. I'd probably get held late. I… Continue reading Inconvenient Kindness