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Big Discount on Books & Author Facebook Party

If I've seen MIA from social media lately, it's because I have a daughter getting married on Wednesday. My days have been filled with wedding plans and sewing the flower girls' dresses and helping to adjust my daughter's dress. At the same time, I'm suppose to not forget the rest of my family and you,… Continue reading Big Discount on Books & Author Facebook Party


What if it was illegal to plant seeds?

In January, I had the privilege of receiving a book as a gift. Being an author, I understood the value of that autographed paperback. So, with loving care, I picked it up and began reading. I instantly was transported to a new world--well kind of. It actually was a very probably future America where gardening and saving seeds was outlawed, where food comes in boxes and squares all ready processed called Vitees, Protein, Juices, Carbos, and Sweeties.

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4 Secrets for Awesome Read Alouds from a Mom

My fifth grade year, Mom would clean up supper dishes and then we'd sit down in the living room and she'd read to us Angel Unaware by Dale Evans Rogers. The memory is with me to this day of the feeling of contentment and peace sitting and listening to Mom's voice. I've continued the tradition by reading after dinner with my family. Here's what I've learned over the years.