5 ways to bring games into the classroom

Games are a fun way to learn something new. There is a game called Pyramid in the pack. To play pyramid, you have to collect cards that equal thirteen. Suddenly, I was doing math. I was memorizing that 9 and 4, 8 and 5, 3 and 10, and 6 and 7 all make thirteen. These numbers are now drilled into my head. Did I have to work hard to memorize them? Not really. The game taught me to look for those combinations.


Gifts that are Free

This year, I have started to use a program called ClassCraft in my classroom. It has been fun to watch how the students react to it. ClassCraft is a game created by a teacher to make learning fun. Students are divided into three categories, mage, warrior, or healer, each having their own special abilities. Students… Continue reading Gifts that are Free

Mom Life

Amid the Busyness

This week marked the second week of school. This year I have in essence three new classes. I have never taught leadership before. After being the class officers' adviser last year, I wanted to take this class on. The other class is Spanish Culture Studies, and elective that I designed to help give a taste… Continue reading Amid the Busyness

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Release Day!–What all it entails

Today is the big day! Dragon's Future: book 1 of the Dragon Courage series is now available in paperback and eBook via amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks. So, what happens today? For starters, I have a guest post on Mother Daughter Book Review in which I share a section of the book where Ruskya… Continue reading Release Day!–What all it entails


Lessons Learned from 8 and 12 year olds

I sat staring at the computer screen in total disbelief! It couldn't be. My mouth hung open, my brain trying to digest what my eyes were telling it. Earlier in the day, I had sat with five boys--three eight-year-olds, and two twelve-year-olds. We had been encouraged to "watch for God". Vacation Bible School had kicked… Continue reading Lessons Learned from 8 and 12 year olds


A Mother’s Legacy

What is a legacy? According to dictionary.com a legacy is "anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor". My parents have handed down many things. Since it is Mother's Day, I thought I would focus on what Mom has given me.  My mom was and still is a stay at home mom.… Continue reading A Mother’s Legacy


Schools where Book Week starts

This week was Children's Book Week. As I finished up, I thought yesterday's post would be the last one about the book week and I'd finish with one for Mother's Day. However, as I cruised through facebook, I found a link to a newspaper report and a video that I had to share with you… Continue reading Schools where Book Week starts