The Remarkable Job Teachers Really Do

This week I scrolled through Facebook, something I'm prone to do once or twice a day. I came upon one post in particular that caused me to pause and read further. It started like so: This sounds oddly familiar: Teachers' hefty salaries are driving up taxes, and they only work 9 or 10 months a… Continue reading The Remarkable Job Teachers Really Do

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4 Ways to Have an Amazing School Year

From the Facebook posts filling my feed, I understand it's that time of year again. For the past several weeks, I've seen the first day of school photos and been realizing my summer is rapidly winding down. With that in mind, I'm reminded of the conflict that seems to exist between teachers and parents. What can you do to have an amazing school year?


Gifts that are Free

This year, I have started to use a program called ClassCraft in my classroom. It has been fun to watch how the students react to it. ClassCraft is a game created by a teacher to make learning fun. Students are divided into three categories, mage, warrior, or healer, each having their own special abilities. Students… Continue reading Gifts that are Free


Inconvenient Kindness

Fifteen minutes left, I thought and counted the parents I had seen that night. Eight, not bad, but still rather small for three hours. I looked up and saw one more parent take a seat across the gym. I sighed. I had two of his kids in my classes. I'd probably get held late. I… Continue reading Inconvenient Kindness

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Amid the Busyness

This week marked the second week of school. This year I have in essence three new classes. I have never taught leadership before. After being the class officers' adviser last year, I wanted to take this class on. The other class is Spanish Culture Studies, and elective that I designed to help give a taste… Continue reading Amid the Busyness


Drama–then and now

It was December, 1987. Casting call had gone out to South Albany High School for The Sound of Music. I don't know whether it was encouragement from my friend, Eric Wyatt, or just because I loved to sing and loved the story; whatever the reason, I went ahead and tried out. At auditions, I sang… Continue reading Drama–then and now