Mom Life

Amid the Busyness

This week marked the second week of school. This year I have in essence three new classes. I have never taught leadership before. After being the class officers' adviser last year, I wanted to take this class on. The other class is Spanish Culture Studies, and elective that I designed to help give a taste… Continue reading Amid the Busyness


My Great Reward

Today during church we sang a song that resonated with my soul. It was one of those times during worship where the words hit home and despite hardship or trials you sit back and say, "God, You are all sufficient." I have had these times before. Once after learning a friend had passed away, I… Continue reading My Great Reward


The Circle of Life (of a Book)

Cue the music from The Lion King. Okay, that's good. When we think of the circle of life, we think of generations, of handing the baton on to the next runners. Each age has their own unique abilities and histories. Where siblings share part of their stories, the parents and grandparents have a different back… Continue reading The Circle of Life (of a Book)