How to Survive When the Fairytale Suddenly Turns Dark

We all know the scene, the prince has met the princess. They dance. The music flows through the room all light and carefree. Then suddenly the nemesis appears. The princess is captured, or the prince has to fight. Something terrible happens! The music picks up speed and off we go on a fight. This is what… Continue reading How to Survive When the Fairytale Suddenly Turns Dark


A Unique Perspective on Juxtaposed Futures

The day showed promise. One hundred-nine young men and women prepared to walk the aisle and receive their diploma, a certificate notifying the world they had completed one full year of Bible college. They could hold their heads high and rejoice in their accomplishment. Parents, family, and friends crowded in creating standing room only to watch. Potential filled the auditorium. If each student went out and influenced one other person, who in turn reached one other person, creating a domino effect, then the possibility of impact was mind boggling.

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4 Secrets for Awesome Read Alouds from a Mom

My fifth grade year, Mom would clean up supper dishes and then we'd sit down in the living room and she'd read to us Angel Unaware by Dale Evans Rogers. The memory is with me to this day of the feeling of contentment and peace sitting and listening to Mom's voice. I've continued the tradition by reading after dinner with my family. Here's what I've learned over the years.