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Amazing new book: Aerisian Refrain

Every have one of those books that you pick up and just fall in love? I've had a few of those--Marc Secchia's Dragon Friend  and Sarah Ashwood's Aerisia: Land Beyond the Sunset. So, when I saw there was another Aerisian book, I couldn't wait to grab it. Well, it's here. I grabbed my copy for only 99… Continue reading Amazing new book: Aerisian Refrain

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Book Review and Release by Annie Douglass Lima

I've reviewed several of Annie Douglass Lima's books. I love the Krilonian series and have interviewed a character on my blog as well. I've showcased The Annals of Alasia in two different blogs (book 2 and book 3) and shared her coloring book. So, when I was asked to beta read another in the series,… Continue reading Book Review and Release by Annie Douglass Lima

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Minstrel’s Call Blog Tour

Well, what with the release of To Save a Race, getting sick, and running my mom to the ER, I totally missed posting this character interview for The Minstrel's Call. So, I decided better late than never. Unfortunately, the time on the giveaway has run out; so I won't tempt you with it. The Book: War threatens.… Continue reading Minstrel’s Call Blog Tour

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A New Addition to the Family–the Book Family

It still amazes me to consider my ninth book releases today. I vividly remember the trembling finger that uploaded the rough draft manuscript of Dragon's Future to a small publishing house that was accepting submissions. So much has happened since that President's Day weekend three years ago. The family has grown from the original five books… Continue reading A New Addition to the Family–the Book Family

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He Hideth My Soul Book Tour

Today, I have a guest post from Faith Blum and her new book, He Hideth My Soul. This Christian Western sounds intriguing. What do you think? Have you ever had a hard time loving someone? I think everyone probably has at one time in their life. But what would your life be like if you've never… Continue reading He Hideth My Soul Book Tour

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Introducing an Imaginative New Book

Welcome to the land of Onyxdenn where my new book takes place. Duke Callon Aldithley rules from his castle in Nubbikford. Peace reigns for the most part, but underlying racial tensions make the city unsafe at night for certain people. With the typical court intrigue, life can be dangerous, but add to that a leader… Continue reading Introducing an Imaginative New Book


Giving back to the community: A New Release

In the process of wading into the world of publishing books, I've made many friends. The release of Dragon's Revenge is proof of that. The amount of people who shared overwhelmed me. So, today, I am giving back. Heather Sutherlin shared about Dragon's Revenge on her blog on Wednesday. Today, I am featuring her new release, A Familiar Darkness, which released on Tuesday. I hope you enjoy.


My book has a sibling

As I sit down to write, I can't believe it is that time already. In August I sat stunned and in disbelief that I had actually published a book. Dragon's Future made its debut on August 9. Holding it in my hands was such a joy! Giving it to my boys and watching them read… Continue reading My book has a sibling