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Today, I have the privelege of having Laurie Lucking as a guest blogger. She has some similarities to me in that she had a hard time writing short stories. I’m currently almost to 8,000 words on what was going to be a short story, so I totally understand it’s difficult. She’ll explain how she was able to write her short Snow White retelling for the Encircled anthology.

Here’s Laurie Lucking

Before “Edged in Silver,” my Snow White retelling in the Encircled anthology, I’d never written a short story. Considering all my previous story ideas had turned out long and complex enough to require a novel-length word count, I didn’t even think I was capable of writing anything shorter! But when Rooglewood Press announced Snow White as the theme of their latest fairy tale retelling collection, I couldn’t help wondering if it would be worth giving a short story a try.

The making of a short story

A few days later, my son and I were riding our bikes on a path through a beautiful, dense forest. I smiled, recalling my ludicrous ideas of romance as a young teenager when I’d wander, singing, through the trees behind my grandparents’ cabin, hoping a handsome gentleman would step out and declare his love for me. Totally old-school Disney princess style. 🙂 That’s when the story idea hit – what if my Snow White character was a modern girl harboring similarly implausible daydreams and actually did encounter a prince? Except he wasn’t human…

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That night, I pored over websites about fantasy lore, eventually settling on dryads as my mythical creature of choice. Except rather than the mischievous, seductive nymphs they’re often portrayed as, my version of dryads are shy, reclusive beings with their own social structure and a special kind of magic called Darach. I envisioned a scene in which the Snow White character was crying in the forest, and the dryad prince who resided in her favorite tree could no longer resist communicating with her. From there, I had fun working in various elements of the original Snow White fairy tale – all with a twist, of course! And it turned out I could write a short story, as long as I didn’t allow myself any side plots or a large cast of secondary characters. In fact, I enjoyed writing “Edged in Silver” so much that I went on to write three more short stories: “Threshold” was published in the Fellowship of Fantasy’s Mythical Doorways anthology, “Return to Callidora” will be part of a Christmas anthology by Mt. Zion Ridge Press releasing later this year, and the third is still out on submission. Now my challenge is going back to the complexity of writing full-length novels!

The making of Encircled

As a side note, I never ended up submitting to the Rooglewood contest, because so many of my critique partners became excited about the prospect of writing fairy tale retellings that we decided to put together our own anthology instead! Hence, the origin of Encircled. 🙂 I hope you have as much fun reading our stories as we had writing them!

About Laurie Lucking

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An avid reader practically since birth, Laurie Lucking discovered her passion for writing after leaving her career as an attorney to become a stay-at-home mom. When she gets a break from playing superheroes with her two young sons, she writes young adult fantasy with a strong thread of fairy tale romance. Her debut novel, Common,won third place in the CWRC Reader’s Choice Literary Lighthouse Awards, and her short story, “Threshold,” was published in a Fellowship of Fantasy anthology titled Mythical Doorways. A Midwestern girl through and through, she currently lives in Minnesota. Find out more by visiting

About the Anthology

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Experience six of the world’s most beloved stories in a whole new light! From historical to futuristic, these retellings will take you to an enchanted forest, a cursed castle, and far beyond. Uncover secrets of a forbidden basement, a hypnotic gift, and a mysterious doll. Fall in love with a lifelong friend or brand-new crush. Venture to unknown lands on a quest to save a prince, a kingdom, or maybe even a planet. With moments of humor, suspense, romance, and adventure, Encircled has something to offer every fan of fairy tales, both classic and reimagined. This anthology features stories from S.E. Clancy, Jebraun Clifford, J.M. Hackman, E.J. Kitchens, Laurie Lucking, and Tori V. Rainn.

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