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Interview with Adrian

With the start of school, there are some new books out. Kendra Ardnek's book, Worth of a King, is one of those. I had the privelege of interviewing her about one of her characters, and then that character decided to come hang out as well. Interview Kendra, will you please introduce your character? Does he or… Continue reading Interview with Adrian

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Interview with Lexi Johnson: Delivered by Angels

Today I have the privilege of doing a character interview for my friend, Emerald Barnes. I've known Emerald for almost a year now. We've never had the privilege of meeting face-to-face, but we've done a Twitter chat together and have had various opportunities to connect via Facebook.


Character Interview with Kalgan Shigo

Loving fantasy, not only for writing but also for reading, I am naturally drawn to good clean fantasy books. I love reading them and finding new ones I can enjoy. I have had the opportunity of beginning it during my lunch break on Friday. I was instantly drawn into the story and plot, even though I have yet to read book 1. I am excited to finish reading book 2 and then pick up book 1 and read it.