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Welcome a New Book to the Family

Just as in a family grows with siblings being added at birth or adoption, authors have book families. The siblings are added at each new release. My family began in August, 2015. It's grown to include the Dragon Courage series, The One Who Sees Me, and now Journey from Skioria. The new book in the family releases… Continue reading Welcome a New Book to the Family

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A Unique Look at Holy Week part 1

This past weekend I had the privilege of going to Writers' Weekend at the Beach in Ocean Park, Washington. I loved being able to network with the small group of writers, learn from my first critique sessions, and have time to write. One of the activities was a first hundred word contest. I started a story that I decided to share with you all. It will be a continued story spanning throughout this week and finishing on Resurrection Sunday! I hope it will give you a fresh look at Holy Week and maybe something to share with your family as you celebrate.


What if it was illegal to plant seeds?

In January, I had the privilege of receiving a book as a gift. Being an author, I understood the value of that autographed paperback. So, with loving care, I picked it up and began reading. I instantly was transported to a new world--well kind of. It actually was a very probably future America where gardening and saving seeds was outlawed, where food comes in boxes and squares all ready processed called Vitees, Protein, Juices, Carbos, and Sweeties.


4th of July Giveaway

Thanks to Karen's Got Mail, I am part of a giveaway! In celebration of the pre-order of Dragon's Future book 1 of Dragon Courage series, we will be doing a giveaway of a metal photo print of Dragon's Future book cover valued at $25! You can enter by commenting here on the blog telling me… Continue reading 4th of July Giveaway


Cover for Dragon’s Future

In the summer of 2009, I sat down and took the time to double-side print Dragon's Future, Dragon's Heir, Dragon's Revenge, and Dragon's Cure from my HP inkjet printer. Then I three-holed punched them all and put them into a report folder with those irritating brads. I handed the book to a friend to read.… Continue reading Cover for Dragon’s Future