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Fantasy Writing and Reading for You

With the Indie e-Con, I’ve been tasked with writing about fantasy. You ask what Indie e-Con is? Well, that’s been happening since last Saturday when the scavenger hunt opened up. Feel free to go around and gather the clues. You’ll find the information for it in my post from last week. The week has been filled with posts by various authors on writing. It’s like having a writers conference right at your fingertips. Feel free to go explore the Facebook page to have an easy link to all the posts, or check out Kendra E. Ardnek’s blog.

With fantasy being such a broad scope, I thought I’d narrow it down to highlight a writing activity and a reading activity.

Writing Fantasy

In my first years of teaching Spanish, I decided I wanted to have something unique for Spanish 2. The result was my year of Fantasy Fridays. Each Friday, or Thursday depending on the week, I focused on a specific section of fantasy–castles, knights, unicorns, dragons, kings, fairies, etc. Students learned about those items in both English and Spanish. Then by the end of the first semester, we started a fantasy writing unit. Students began creating their own fantasy stories following the hero’s round and the fantasy elements. Their stories are as diverse as the students. I’ve had legends come to life, stories about everyday life, and even a dinasaur/elephant confrontation.

Feel free to check out the lesson plans or just look at the supplemental materials to write your own fantasy story.

Explore the Fantasy Writing Unit

Summer Reading Program

This summer the authors of Fellowship of Fantasy have teamed up to create a Summer Reading Quest for you and your children. The books are all clean middle grade and young adult books by indie authors. Readers sign up at the lists (registration) and then read from the book lists from June 1 through September 1. Young readers can add up the points of their books to enter for biweekly tourney prizes (things like paperback books, legos, stuffed dragon, hand-painted horse, and gift cards) and for end of the summer tourney prizes such as a large lego set and a Kindle Fire. Adults just enter for one final tourney prize at the end of the summer for a $25 amazon gift card. When it asks for a paperback, that’s from the books that have astrisks. We may be able to send you one.

Adult Registration


Youth Registration

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