Outstanding Opportunities for Readers to Interact with Authors

How many times have you read a book and then wanted to talk to the author to either ask a question or to state your mind about what you thought about their story or character? I know when I began reading Timothy Zahn’s books, I found it exciting to be able to chat with him after I finished reading. Here are a couple opportunities for you as a reader to interact with authors of great books.

Book Club

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The idea of a book club isn’t anything new, but the idea of an online book club that enables the readers to have personal contact with the author of the book each month and throughout the year is different. That is exactly what Fellowship of Fantasy has done with their Facebook Book Club.

Each month, club members nominate a theme for the next month and nominate ten books that are then voted on by the club members. An electronic version of the chosen book is made available for free to all members throughout the month. All of the nominated books are featured throughout the month with giveaways and prizes. Part way through the month a spoiler thread appears and readers can share their thoughts and feelings and discuss the book to their hearts’ content. The best part is the author gets to interact and answer any questions you have!

<img="Fellowship of Fantasy August book">This month’s featured book was Fabled by Kara Jaynes. At the beginning of the month, Kara let us know that books two and three were on sale for 99 cents. So, when I picked up Fabled, I also grabbed the the other two books. I am so happy I did, because book 1 ends in a bit of a cliff-hanger. I’ll be featuring the series in a future blog post of recommended reads for back to school.


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Fan Art Contest

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Do you love to draw, paint, write, sing, quilt, or sculpt? If so, then you’re the one we’re looking for. Fellowship of Fantasy is sponsoring a fan art contest for any Indie fantasy books. Any of the Dragon Courage series will count as will any of the books listed in my recommended book lists. Enteries are open right now until August 21st. Voting will be held on Fellowship of Fantasy’s Facebook page based on likes during the month of September. For ease of voting, there are three divisions: ages 16+, 11-15, and 10 and under. Want more information or have something to submit? Check out Fellowship of Fantasy’s Fan Art page.

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Hope to see you in the book club and to see your artistic renderings in the fan art contest. Have questions? Feel free to ask.

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  1. You’re post says that the entries for the art contest are open until August 21, but the Fellowship of Fantasy page says that the submission period runs through September 16. Do you know which is correct? Thanks for your help!

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