Wylen: Honored Rider Kyn’s Dragon

<img="dragon" srcset=” width=”337″ height=”337″>Kyn placed a hand on his dragon and a puff of dust rose into the air.

“It’s about time to wipe him down again,” Ruskya commented, noticing the dust.

Kyn grimaced. “Yep. I don’t know how he gets so dirty.”

“It’s like he’s a dirt magnet. I don’t know how you put up with it.”

A stream of smoke blew from Wylen’s nostrils toward Ruskya.

Kyn placed a hand on his dragon. “It’s work to keep him clean, but I wouldn’t trade him for all the dragons in the world.” ~Dragon’s Posterity


A Young Dragon:

“Wylen,” Kyn called in a voice loud enough to wake the dead.

Ruskya cringed at the sound. It was a good thing his abode was away from the other riders, who were most likely still celebrating the new rider. Ruskya grinned; would they celebrate so much if they saw this?

As Kyn opened his mouth to call again, Ruskya stopped him with a hand on his shoulder. “Not like that. Like this.”

Ruskya mentally called Wyeth. Wyeth landed agilely in front of the two riders. The youngling’s mouth dropped open.

“How did you do that?”

“Just picture your dragon. Then mentally call to him. You will get the hang of it. Try and see what you can do.”

Ruskya watched the young one’s face as he tried to call his dragon. Shortly there after, a grayish blue dragon appeared at their feet. He was small, but no smaller than a dragon of two winters generally was.


“How are you doing, little one?”

Wylen didn’t answer.

“Wylen,” Kyn called softer and gentler, “can you hear me? Show me where you are. I need to know that you are okay.”

The young dragon responded with an image. It was almost overwhelming for Kyn. The little dragon was curled up in a ball in his crag away from everyone. His head was hidden under his wing. A sense of despair and fear came to Kyn.

“Wylen, you are not alone. I am here. As soon as I can, I will come to you. You are safe. No one is going to hurt you. When your turn comes to fight, you will be strong, and you’ll work with Wyeth and Wryn to defeat the turquoise dragon.”

An Herbalist Dragon:

“Kyn and I went to Philippi Canyon on our herb exploration. When I got there, I wondered if having some dragon eyes would be better than my regular old eyes. So, I asked Kyn to call Wylen and I called Wyeth. Both of them came. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think Wyeth has a future in herbology, though Wylen, on the other hand, could. He was able to pick out the right herb from above the canyon rim.” ~Carryl talking to Ruskya

A Fisher Dragon:

Kyn turned back to Wylen. Amazingly, there wasn’t a speck of mud on his midnight-blue scales.

“How’d you manage to stay clean?”

“I found fishing.”

“You found fishing? What is that supposed to mean?”

“I dive into the water after the fish and catch them in my mouth. Then I float over to the side while I am eating. By the time I am done eating, I arrive at the shallow water and take off into the sky again for another fish or two.”

Kyn shook his head. “As long as it keeps you clean, I’ll be satisfied. I have my hands full trying to bring peace here.”


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