Fantasy Writing Unit

This is a unit designed for Spanish 2 students, but can be adapted for later elementary or high school Language Arts classes or even ELL classes.  I have included the standards for Foreign Language, Common Core ELA, and Oregon ELP.

The unit itself, gives links to free sites, and I have included the materials that I have created along the way.  Enjoy and have fun.


Fantasy Writing Unit

Day 1-2 Spiderwyck days (PowerPoint)

Day 3-4 hero’s round and fantasy motifs with paper bag princes (PowerPoint)

Fantasy writing elements (handout)

Fantasy Writing Elements in Paper Bag Princess (worksheet)

Fantasy Writing Elements worksheet (worksheet)

Day 5 Silver Pony (PowerPoint)

Day 6 Characters (PowerPoint)

alliteration worksheet (handout)

Fantastical object character card (you can also find an interactive character card on ReadWriteThink)

Ruskya of Woolpren (Sample Character Card)

Dragons of Woolpren (story of dragons)

Dragones de Woolpren libro para ninos (simplified story of Dragons of Woolpren put into Spanish as a sample story)

Fantasy Story writing rubric (Rubric)

Proof reading handout (coming soon)


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