Biblical Retellings by Kandi J Wyatt

In fantasy writing, fairy tale retellings are all the rage. I’ve read several and love them. It’s fun to see the same story-line in a new setting or new characters. The same is true for Biblical retellings. I try to take a Bible story that believers have read over and over and shine a new light on it without taking away from the Biblical historicity and accuracy. At the same time, I want those who’ve never read the Bible to be introduced to the true stories through my novels.

To create these stories, I’ve spent hours studying the Biblical passages. I’ve read what renowned narrators have said about them, and then create a world for the story to fit into. Each of the stories has their own world. Some of which have taken a lot of research to create and others not so much.

The One Who Sees Me

Journey into the medieval ages and lands of castles and kings. A lonely servant girl discovers life isn’t always what you plan, but with the knowledge that there is One who sees and cares for you, it is possible to live life with grace.

img="Castle in Scotland"


To Save a Race

The city of Nubbikford boasts the largest mines of Onyxdenn. Arianna’s faith will be tested to the utmost when two decrees create havoc with her life.

img="steampunk city"


Ancient Egypt

Follow the life of Bennu, a young Egyptian scribe. Only two explanations exist when life as Bennu knows it is turned upside down. Neither explanation is palatable–either the gods are fickle or weak. Is there a third alternative for life to make sense again?

Coming early 2020.

img="Ancient Egyptian Pyramids"