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An Unexpected Escapade Ebook Updated

This is a short post to let my readers know that An Unexpected Escapade ebook is updated. For those who wish to know the why’s, wherefore’s, and how’s, read on.

Back Story

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Please update your devices to receive the true copy of An Unexpected Escapade.

When an author puts an ebook up for pre-order, the manuscript doesn’t have to be the final product. So, in an effort to get everything ready, I posted the best manuscript I had, the Advanced Reader Copy. Then about two weeks out from release, I updated the manuscript to include the final copy. Then about two-three days out from release, Amazon locks the author out from making any changes. During pre-order there is no preview available for the ebook.

So, on Saturday, I received a message stating I had Advanced Reader Copies sent out to over 80 ebooks through Amazon! My heart sunk. How could that be? I’d already had an issue with shipping my paperbacks to me. So, I opened my author dashboard and took a look. You can imagine my confusion when I saw that I had uploaded the finished manuscript complete with table of contents and illustrations. Yet, the ebook that I opened on my kindle was the Advanced Reader Copy!

A phone call to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing resulted in me reuploading the same corrected manuscript, then waiting for it to be published, then sending an email to Amazon, and finally waiting for it to go into effect. Today, I looked on the book’s Amazon page and discovered it was the corrected version.

The Fix

So, how do you fix this? It depends if you’ve already opened the book on your device or not. I had success in getting it pushed to my default, but my phone took a little longer to figure out.

1. Amazon page

First go to your Amazon account page and click on “Manage your Content and Devices”. Then go to content. You’ll see all your ebooks listed. Underneath An Unexpected Escapade you’ll see “Ebook Updated” or “Content Updated”. You can click on the orange button to receive the update.

2. Your Device

If you’ve not opened the book on your device yet, it should automatically update. Otherwise, you may have to do like I did and uninstall the book, then go back to step 1 and click deliver to x device. Then go back to your device and open the Kindle app, and go to Book Updates. You’ll then be able to update it.

My apologies

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience and the mess up. I am so sorry that I’ve caused you the hassle. To the Amazon reviewer, I sincerely apologize. It was not my intent to offer an Advanced Reader Copy to anyone but advanced readers. Please spread the word.

4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Escapade Ebook Updated”

  1. What a pain. I’m sorry you’re having to go through all that! (For what it’s worth, I know I’ve gotten an auto-message from Amazon before telling me there was an updated version of a book and would I like to update it. So hopefully that will happen and make it even easier on your readers.

    1. Thanks. I was notified that that email went out, and discovered that amazon had an update to their methods while my book was on pre-order.

  2. Amazon has really gone downhill recently with books. I put my paperbacks up through Ingram for preorder capabilities and they show up immediately on Barnes & Noble, but my last four books have all shown up on Amazon with the book title, sometimes the description, but a photo of either a pair of pants or a skirt! Most recently I had to change the release date and while all other vendors quickly showed the new date, on Amazon it still shows the wrong date. 🙁 Customer service used to be quick, but now it is slow and inefficient. So sorry, Kandi.

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