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New Calendar for 2019

Annie Douglass Lima is no stranger to my blog. She’s been featured for her Alasia series, Krillonian Chronicles, Heart Song, and a coloring book. This time, she’s back with a coloring project–a calendar for 2019!

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About the Calendar

This 2019 calendar features a Bible verse for each week in creative fonts that can be colored in. A wide variety of holidays are listed, both traditional and unusual. (Do you know when Appreciate a Dragon Day is? How about Lost Sock Memorial Day?) You’ll have plenty of room to record your activities and appointments in the section for each day and week. After every month, you’ll find word puzzles featuring key words from that month’s scriptures and holidays.

Prepare for a year full of coloring and fun that will help you hide God’s Word in your heart in 2019 without even trying!

Okay, I want to know about Lost Sock Memorial Day! We have too many of those around here, especially when I had five little ones running around. What about you? Are you more interested in the Appreciate a Dragon Day?

What does the calendar look like?

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Where to get yours

You can pick yours up on Amazon today. 

Click here to buy this 2019 coloring calendar from Amazon now!

Color a few pages

You can test run a couple of pages as well. Just click on the links below:

Matthew 6:25-26

I John 4:7-8

Psalm 103:2-4

Psalm 96:12-13

Psalm 103:13

Job 12:12

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