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Indie e-Con Scavenger Hunt 2018 – Stop #1

Today marks the beginning of an online writer’s conference–The Indie e-Con. The conference will host this scavenger hunt, a facebook party, as well as different authors weighing in on their genres throughout the week. The scavenger hunt is our introduction to the participating authors. Each author is hosting a different one on their blog. As you read through, you’re looking for the letters to fill in the blanks on this graphic:
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Without further ado, let’s welcome author Kendra E. Ardnek.

When doing something, it’s always good to know why you’re doing it. And the more it affects your life, the bigger a why you need.

Writing is a huge part of my life, so, of course, I have a pretty big, “why.” Multiple “why’s,” in fact. Shall we begin?

To explore What-if’s.

Almost every one of my books begins with that question. What if a princess were to have been accidentally gifted with swordplay by her Fairy Godmother? What if a piece of jewelry could make imagination real? What if I were to climb into the shower, close my eyes, and open them to find myself standing under a waterfall in a fantasy world? My latest project has been “What if I mashed up every Austen novel with a fairy tale in a high fantasy world” and I’ve been loving every step of it.

To explore relationships and the human psyche.

I’m all about the people. A great concept is all well and good, but if it isn’t driven by a cast of complicated characters and the dynamic relationships between them, well … what’s the point? Whether I’m exploring sibling relationships, friendships, romantic interests, or even marriages, I’m all here for it. My personal favorite are twins. And I also have a small obsession with exploring what womanhood means, which is one reason that I’m constantly giving my girls swords. And NOT giving my girls swords. Just depends on whether or not I think they need one.

To make people laugh and forget their troubles.

Life is droll. Sometimes, you just need fiction to make you forget your troubles. So I write escapist fiction. Let you plunge into an exciting new world with plenty of humor.

To make people think.

Escapist fiction isn’t worth it unless you come out of it with tools to face life again. So I always make sure that there is meaning in the story. I tackle many subjects of varying depths, and while some of my short stories are popcorn, I can assure you that you’re going to come out of my books having felt a new point of view and equipped with new tools for life.

Because, apparently, it’s the socially acceptable thing to do with the stories in your head. You know, as opposed to kidnapping people and making them act it out. I have stories to share, and share them I will.


Kendra E. Ardnek is the coordinator of this indie e-con. She has put the whole thing together. You can find more about her on her blog.

As for the indie e-con, follow the scavenger hunt (see the end of this post for more info) and go to the facebook author meet-n-greet later today.

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You also can win a prize for participating! Yep, that’s right. So, what can you win?

Ace Carroway 2-Book Set
3 random ebooks from Indie e-Con authors
Cover Design by Alea Harper
Bookshelf Necklace donated by Rachel Rossano
(Please note that the Ace Carroway Paperbacks and the Bookshelf necklace are US only.)

To search for the rest of the clues and enter to win, you can go to GiraffeCrafts’ blog for the complete list. Then you can find the other clues to add to this one. Remember you’re trying to piece together the phrase. When you figure it out, you can fill in our entry form.

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12 thoughts on “Indie e-Con Scavenger Hunt 2018 – Stop #1”

  1. I enjoyed this post! I definitely agree with some of Kendra’s “why”s for writing, especially the exploring relationships element.
    Super excited for Indie e-Con!

  2. Could’ve sworn I already commented here, but I guess not . . .
    Great post! I love the reasons for writing you listed here, especially the bit about exploring relationships. I think I’d say that’s one of my favorite things about writing too.

    1. Sorry Sarah,
      I had to approve these comments, but my week was hectic. So, I’m just now getting to them. Again, I apologize.

          1. What blogging software do you use? If it’s one of the WordPresses, you could try looking under Settings>Discussion, under the heading “Before a comment appears.” On my blog, there’s an option to check or uncheck “Comment must be manually approved.”

  3. That’s one of the clearest given list of reasons for writing that I’ve ever seen.

    Personally ‘To make people think.’ is the reason I most often put out. I’d follow it with ‘To explore humans, and culture, and society, and relationships.’

    1. I agree, make people think. Exploring people, our cultures, society and relationships are also good reasons. I know I learn more about people when I write.

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