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Fellowship of Fantasy Love is in the Air Giveaway

It’s that time of year–Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air! So, Fellowship of Fantasy decided to celebrate with a giveaway for all of you! Yep, a giveaway of not only great ebooks, but also a dragon diffuser necklace.

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Who is Fellowship of Fantasy?

Glad you asked. They are a group of totally awesome authors who are indie published and write clean fantasy. Sixty-one authors are listed on the website’s directory. Each of those authors have submitted at least one book, but many have multiples, that has been categorized into rankings–everyone, teens, and adult.  The authors though believe in interaction with their readers and have gathered together to create a book club on Facebook. I’ve explained the book club in a post I did this past summer.

Join the Book Club

Authors in the Giveaway:


Those I’ve Read:

H. L. Burke…

…has received high recommendations from my family. My son actually listened to her books before I did. Since then, I’ve read her Nyssa Glass series (what I thought of it and two more of her books) and Spellsmith & Carver trilogy (my take on it).

Tammy Lash…

…was a featured author in the book club last year. I read her book White Wolf and the Ash Princess and fell in love. It’s one of those books that is difficult to put a specific genre on. It’s steampunkish historical fiction with a native folktale thrown in, and it’s free in Kindle Unlimited right now.

Lea Doue

Another book club author is Lea Doue. Her fairy tale retellings have just the right mixture of fun, romance, and adventure to keep you coming back for more (read more). The book she’s giving away ranked in my top books of 2017 as did White Wolf and the Ash Princess.

The Giveaway:

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The diffuser necklace is the same one my son’s girlfriend gave me for Christmas. I use it every day. It’s nice and solid and pretty. So, go check out the giveaway an check out these authors.

Laura Lucking: website

Lea Doue: website

Janelle Leanne Schmidt: website

Tammy Lash: Facebook

Katy Huth Jones: Facebook

H. L. Burke: Facebook

Sarah Ashwood: Facebook

Chris Cymri: Facebook

L. Palmer: Facebook

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