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A Simple Story for Sanctity of Human Life Month

During our Sunday School time, we discussed how to help our children remember the goodness of God and all He’s done for us. A friend shared a story of her grandchildren and a window in her house that they look out of to see the good things God has given them. Then in the church service, our pastor shared from Psalm 139. This psalm of David tells how God the Father knit us together specially in the womb. The two ideas merged into this story using my main character from my upcoming Biblical retelling, To Save a Race. This story would take place twenty-six to thirty years after the book. I hope you enjoy.

Grandma’s Window


Arianna turned from the window to see Cara hold the door open for two little girls. She smiled and stooped down to return the hugs thrown at her.

“Dorthia.” Arianna smoothed down her granddaughter’s dark hair. “Trinity.” She twisted the blond curl that stuck up on the top of her other granddaughter’s head.

“Can you read us a story?” Dorthia, the older of the two pierced her with large, pleading brown eyes.

Arianna lead the girls to the window seat she had just vacated and helped them clamber up. Then she turned to the bookshelf and ran her fingers along the familiar leather bindings. So many memories encapsulated these books. To think she had thought she would never have the time to read through them all. A smile crossed her lips. Much had passed since she first set eyes on this library, but for now, she needed to get back to the little ones.

The girls gazed out the window exclaiming over the various flowers now in bloom.

“Do you see something special the All-Seeing One has given us?”

Little fingers pointed. “Look, bird!” Trinity smiled at her find.

“Yes, the All-Seeing One gave us birds. What else has he given us? Dorthia, do you see anything?”

Dorthia smoother her dress down as she looked out the window, then she smiled. “There’s a rabbit, Grandma.”

“’abbit!” Trinity mimicked.

“Yes, the All-Seeing One has given us those things to enjoy. We can thank Him for those things. Who wants to thank Him this time?”

Both little heads bowed as Dorthia said thanks.


Two days later, Arianna entered her library with her granddaughters in tow. Each girl held one of her hands. The girls had enjoyed their tea time in the larger dining room and were now ready for some time with grandma. Arianna marveled at the blessings from the All-Seeing One. When she thought of the circumstances that had brought her to the castle, her mind could scarce believe she belonged with these two little girls.

“Grandma, can we read again?”

“Of course.” Arianna hurried over to the section of the bookshelf reserved for the girls and pulled out one of their favorite books.

Trinity pointed to the window seat. Arianna lifted her up and helped Dorthia up beside her. Would these precious little ones understand how the All-Seeing One carried for them? Only through remembering what had come before. They were too little to remember or hear the story of how their lives were spared even before they were born. Instead, Arianna gazed out the window.

“What do you see that the All-Seeing One has given us to enjoy?”

Trinity squirmed to her knees to see better, while Dorthia turned around and pressed her nose to the window. Arianna smiled. Dorthia had the distinctive pug nose of the Anduvian like Uncle Marcos had.

“I see flowers.” Dorthia’s dark eyes gazing up at Arianna reminded her of Callon.

“Yes, flowers came from the All-Seeing One. What else?”

A butterfly flitted in front of the window.

“Fly!” Trinity patted the window with her tiny hands.

“Butterfly, Trinity. Say, But-ter-fly.” Dorthia enunciated each syllable.

Arianna smiled. Slowly but surely, her granddaughters would learn the All-Seeing One cared for them.


“Milady.” Cara bowed. “I hope it was fine to allow the girls to play in here until you arrived.”

“Yes, of course, Cara. This is their home as much as it is mine. Anytime Lydia drops the girls off, they can come here.”

Arianna paused in the doorway to watch as Dorthia handed Trinity a teacup.

“You must dry them, Trinity. You’re not big enough to wash.”

Trinity nodded and accepted the cup as she mimicked drying it and then set it on the end table.

“Now, it’s time to dust.” Dorthia handed Trinity a handkerchief from her bodice pocket.

The two wiped their dust-clothes along the furniture they could reach. Before long, they moved on to another household chore they had seen Cara or one of their own maids do.

“’indow!” Trinity pointed.

“Oh, yes.” Dorthia dropped her handkerchief and straightened up. “It’s time to see what the All-Seeing One has special for us.”

With that, the two scurried over to the window seat. Dorthia helped push Trinity up and then followed behind. The girls’ eyes lit up with delight.

“A rainbow!” Dorthia’s words came out in an awed whisper. “Trinity, the All-Seeing One gave us a rainbow.”

“Rain’ow.” Trinity clapped her hands together.

Arianna wiped tears from her eyes. The girls were discovering the All-Seeing One’s blessings on their own. She was truly blessed.


With dinner over, Arianna and Callon walked back to their living quarters. Callon carried Trinity and Dorthia tagged along between them. The gas lamps flickered along the corridor walls lighting the wood paneling in warm hues. Lydia and Elias her husband had a meeting with Lord Brisco and had left the girls with Lydia’s parents. Arianna was more than happy to oblige.

“Where will we sleep, Grandma?” Dorthia pulled on Arianna’s hand.

Callon gazed down at her between the two of them. “Out in the garden should do. Don’t you think, Grandma?”

Dorthia’s eyes widened and she stopped in her tracks gazing between her grandparents. Arianna’s smile let the little one know Callon was only joking. She scowled at him.

“Grandpa, I’m serious!”

“Well, then I guess, we’ll have Ayudal make up a bed for you in my room. Would that work better?”

She glared at him for a moment then nodded. “As long as the doorway’s open to Grandma’s room.”

Callon smiled and ruffled her dark hair. “We can do that.”

“Bed?” Trinity’s eyes welled with tears.

“Not yet, honey.” Callon bounced her in his arms. “We can play for a while yet.”

Arianna loved the way Callon treated the girls. She reached out and moved the strands of his now silver-streaked hair that had flopped into his face. He smiled his thanks to her.

Once inside the library, Trinity pointed to the window. “All-Seeing One?”

“Yes!” Dorthia ran to the window seat. “Let’s see what the All-Seeing One has for us tonight.”

Callon placed Trinity on the seat as Dorthia frowned.

“It’s dark! I can’t see anything.”

A tear traced its way down Trinity’s cheek as she stood with both hands against the window.

Callon wiped the tear away and pointed. “That doesn’t mean the All-Seeing One doesn’t have something special for you to see. You just may have to look harder.” He looked up at Arianna and reached for her hand.

With a smile, she sat down beside him with the two girls straining to see out into the dark. A ghost of a reflection caught Arianna’s eye. Could it be? She repositioned and the gas lamps revealed her own gray hair and blue eyes staring back at her. She sucked in her breath.

“What, Grandma? What did you see?” Dorthia turned to her.

Arianna repositioned Dorthia. “Look carefully. The All-Seeing One has given us something very special tonight.”

Dorthia cocked her head trying to see.

“See?” Trinity raised her hands to Arianna.

Arianna rearranged her and pointed. Trinity clapped her hands.

“I don’t see it.” Dorthia’s hands went to her hips. The expression reminded Arianna of herself when she was younger.

“Look closer.” Callon pointed.

Dorthia squinted, and then she scrunched her face up. “That’s just me.”

Callon smiled and hugged her placing his face next to hers. “The best thing the All-Seeing One has given us is you. He made you special. There’s not another Dorthia in all Nubbikford or Onyxdenn. You are unique.”

Dorthia’s brown eyes cleared and then she pointed. “I see you, Grandpa. Does that mean, the All-Seeing One gave us you, too?”

Arianna swallowed the lump in her throat. “Yes, dear, Grandpa Callon is one of the best gifts the All-Seeing One gave me. One day, you’ll hear the story of how that happened.”

Callon squeezed her hand. “I’m glad He saw fit to bring you here to the castle to show me His grace.”

Arianna nodded. She couldn’t speak. Gratefulness welled inside her. The All-Seeing One had made each of them special for His own purposes. She wondered what purpose He had for her granddaughters.

If you enjoyed this simple tale, you may be interested in the full story of how Arianna and Callon met. You can find out more about them on the page for the bookTo Save a Race. To receive a notification when the book is available, be sure to sign up for my newsletter by joining the Dragon Rider Society.

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