Dragon’s Future is One-year-old: Time for a Sale

Believe it or not, it’s actually been a year since Dragon’s Future released. I’ve learned a lot over the course of the year. I’ve seen two more books join the Dragon Courage series and a stand alone Christian Historical Fiction was added to my author bookshelf. I went from being published by a publisher to completely Indie published. I’ve gained a ton of friends and fans. It’s been a wonderful year.

WIN_20160819_14_26_51_ProAfter all the excitement of opening Dragon’s Future, the other books have received varying degrees of welcome. On Friday, I opened my fifth book from Createspace. Dragon’s Cure joined the Dragon Courage series. This reception was slightly different. First off, it was only one book. It was my proof book to okay publishing it on Amazon. Secondly, it came in the mail and my husband picked it up. All the others have gone to our mailing address and I’ve either opened them at my parents’ home or gathered them together and brought them home for opening with the video camera rolling. My husband crept up the stairs and showed me a box. “Is this what I think it is?” he asked as he snuck back downstairs. I bolted from chair and ran to get it. He proceeded to play keep-away from me with the boys! Once I finally was handed the box, I eagerly ripped it open. I examined the spine first. At a casual glance, I thought I was going to have to redo it. Then I realized it was just the shadow of the box. Next, I read through the back cover. Finally, I turned it over to the front. After admiring the cover, I opened it to make sure the table of contents matched and the page numbers were all there. Once satisfied it looked right, I handed it to my husband to review. With his vote of approval, I hit submit to amazon. The official release date is Tuesday, August 23. That’s when you’ll see more information about Dragon’s Cure and its party.

In the meantime, as a celebration, we’re having a sale all week long. Yes, you heard correctly. All the Dragon Courage books are on sale. Books 1-3 are available on Kindle for only 99 cents. That means you could pick them up, if you haven’t yet, and read them before purchasing Dragon’s Cure on Tuesday. Need to know more about them? Here you go:

Dragon’s Future, Book 1:

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Find Dragon’s Future on Sale now.

Dragon’s Heir, Book 2:

You can find Dragon’s Heir on Sale all week.

Dragon’s Revenge, Book 3:

Dragon's Revenge 1 line blurb
Dragon’s Revenge is on Sale now.

The One Who Sees Me:

I’m also teaming up with thirteen other Christian Fiction authors to offer you a wonderful sale. All of us will have our ebooks on sale for 99 cents this week only. So, check out the sale page here on my website and look into the wonderful books. They’re all great clean reads and will keep you coming back for more.

The One Who Sees Me description quote with new address
The One Who Sees Me is on sale this week.

What's your take?