Spring Fling Hop Giveaway

Welcome to the Herd Presents Spring Fling Hop. The theme is spring has sprung and love is in the air. Love is one of those emotions that everyone has differences of opinions on. The ideas are as varying as the ages of the people who define it. Ask a child and he or she will define love based on what they can receive from someone. They get the gift they’ve been dreaming of for the last several hours or days, and suddenly they love the person who gave it to them and that person loves them. Ask a teenager, and you’ll get a more reasoned reply. Love is when someone cares for you, but there is such a thing as falling in love or out of love. Love then becomes transitory and whimsical. Ask a newly wed what love is and you’ll have the reply that it’s when you see stars, when you can’t be without the person you love. Ask someone who’s been married and had several kids, and suddenly, love is what holds you together. It’s the commitment you both made to stay together through thick and thin. Ask an elderly couple what love is, and you’ll hear the story of how he gets up each day and greets her even though she doesn’t know who he is.

All of these are truly what love is, but love is so much more! It’s a conscious choice to put aside my feelings and desires to focus on you. It’s an action to care for you more than I care for myself. This is so contrary to the idea of love we see around us. Yet, think about it. What if this kind of love presented itself everyday? What would our world look like? It’s a radical love. It’s a love that transcends all cultures and economic strata. This love could change our world.

The One Who Sees Me coverSo, how does this get you a gift? Oh, just sign up for my newsletter and I’ll pick a random person from the entrants to win an eBook copy of The One Who Sees Me, a story of the kind of love I’ve been talking about. Newsletters go out every other month or so, and give insights into my books, my life, tea, herbs, and more of what you find on my blog. Make sure to check out the other blogs that are participating.

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