Enter a New World full of Bravery and Danger

It’s finally here!! My birthday present this year is the release of Dragon’s Revenge, book 3 in the Dragon Courage series. I am so excited to present to you this addition to the series. In book 1 we followed Ruskya and Duskya as they brought a future to their dragon colony. We met a young boy by the name of Braidyn and Ruskya’s youngling, Kyn. In book 2 Braidyn had grown up and needed to find his way in the world. He travels after eggnappers and finds the El’Shad’n, a nomadic dragon colony. In the process he learns about his dragon’s history and finds a place where he belongs. Book 3 takes Kyn, now grown up, on a journey.

Dragon's Revenge Cover

The book starts at Braidyn’s wedding. Kyn then travels across the inland sea to the town of Oreya where he meets up with Ben’hyamene. The two of them meet a rider from a land to the west called the Carr. Ben’hyamene and Kyn struggle with culture shock as they try to comprehend wild dragons! In the process, they discover a war between dragons and humans has been waging for over four hundred years! To bring peace to the land, both humans and dragons will have to put aside revenge.

“I enjoyed the previous two books in the series, but I LOVED this one.” ~Goodreads 5 Star Review for Dragon’s Revenge


To celebrate I will be hosting a live Q&A on my Facebook page this Saturday, April 9 from 1:30-2:30 Pacific/4:30-5:30 Eastern. We’ll have giveaways of fun things like travel mugs, coffee/tea mugs, and of course signed copies of the books!

Dragon’s Revenge is full of tea, friends, dragons, and adventure. Check it out now on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Map of the Dragon Courage series


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