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I’m often commenting on how my To-Be-Read list is a mile long. On my Kindle App, I have ten books yet to read! Most of those are from author friends at Booktrope. However, there is LRW Lee’s Andy Smithson series that I want to read and the Ben the Dragonborn series that I’ve found from Twitter. There’s the rest of the Godsland series (another six yet to read), and Timothy Zahn’s Cloak. So, I’d say that even as a fast reader, I have my reading cut out for me for the next year. With this said, I opted to help out some fellow authors with a cover reveal. Little did I know that my list would grow by three more!

Book #1: When I signed up to share this reveal, I didn’t put together a conversation with the director of Vox Dei a month earlier with this book. The title Little Girl Mended resonated with me. I consider myself mended from a childhood sexual abuse. Then I read the blurb:

1207_0.964561001448991213_little-girl-mended-blankNo little girl should ever have to learn about sexual abuse at the hands of her father. But I did, and I survived. This is my story.

Little Girl Mended is both a story of abuse and a story of redemption, spanning more than fifty years. From the loss of innocence at age seven, through ten-plus years of abuse, forty-five years of silence, and finally—well into my fifties—coming to understand that healing is possible. My walk through recovery coincided with a deepening of my  relationship with Jesus Christ. Through that relationship I came to experience the Father’s love—a love I couldn’t fully understand while viewing everything through the distorted lens of incest.

In this first-person narrative, I examine painful memories and difficult emotions, allowing myself to feel for the first time in my life. As I grapple with shattering hurt and long-buried pain, I come to realize there can be no healing without surrender. It’s not in my strength that I find healing, but in my complete surrender to Jesus Christ.

The power found in the pages of Little Girl Mended is there for you, too—whatever the circumstances of your own life’s story. Come along and claim it.

Being an adult survivor of childhood abuse, I said, this is a must read for me. So, look for Little Girl Mended by Niki Krauss coming out soon from Vox Dei.

Book #2: The blurb for The Gates Manor Band by Jan Hemby pulled me in and said read. See for yourself.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00031]Julia Burch is a typical 50 year old who is tired of her typical life. But that changes when she answers the phone to find it isn’t a person on the other end of the line, but a recording of a conversation that happened over 30 years ago.

A series of inexplicable events leaves Julia searching for answers – and forces her to face the source of her unhappiness. But this is only the beginning; there are others who desperately need what Julia has rediscovered. Prisoners to their past, they have lost hope for anything better, and for some, time is running out.

What follows is a journey that crosses social status, racial lines, and even time itself to unite a group of people called to an adventure that will surpass anything they could have imagined.

Add this title to your list.

Book #3: It wasn’t the blurb (although good) that got my attention for Wheelman by Brian L. Tucker, nor was it the cover, it was the excerpt. I’ll let you decide. I’ll show you the blurb and then the excerpt. I’m hoping to interview Brian on an upcoming #VoxDeiChat in January.

1207_0.189250001449871239_wheelman-final-ebookcover (1)Teen Cy Vance wants to do one thing: D-R-I-V-E. Except he has nowhere to go and no way to get there. But when he’s given a note at church, he discovers his dad–one of the FBI’s Most Wanted–is alive and well in Mexico…and he wants Cy to meet him ASAP!

With the help of a best friend, Cy escapes Child Protective Services and flees to Mexico. What he doesn’t know is that his father is going to ask even more of him when they meet. How far will Cy go to help his family, and will it cost him his life?




So, what caught my attention? Three excerpts. I’ll share the most powerful one with you. I’m sure Wheelman will be on your to-be-read list as well.

The appearance of the outside of the bar fit its namesake. There weren’t adornments or décor to speak of, and the clientele walking into the swinging, saloon-style doors added to its appearance. Vance Sr. reached over to Cy’s shoulder and gave it a good shake. “We’re here now. No backing down.”

“Wouldn’t think of it.” Cy swallowed, feeling how dry his throat was for the first time. Please God.

Just then, two men exited the swinging doors: one noticeably older and grey-headed and walking with a limp, the other more robust and beak-nosed. The Franco father and son wasted no time in their assemblage of several seedy-looking thugs. A group of three sluggish, somnambulant girls were gathering around the corner. What in the world? The girls, who seemed drugged into submission, all stared dejectedly down at the cobblestone street and made eye contact with no one. The El Zorro clientele who passed the girls tried to grab their wrists and lead them back into the bar through the swinging doors. Each time this happened, father or son Franco walked up and shoved the patrons, yelling for them to back off.

Cy was about to ask how long they would wait, when a nondescript Ford Fiesta crept up to the bar’s entrance on Hidalgo, lights off—stopping just short of the girls. The elder Franco spat some words at the girls. They held hands, Cy noticed. He watched as they stooped to get inside the compact car, and he saw that each face looked younger than him. He started to get out of the Camaro, but felt his dad’s hand.

“Just another minute,” he said.

“If we wait another minute, we’ll miss them,” Cy urged.

“Patience and hastiness were never friends. Just count to sixty. Breathe. And start again.”


“Just count.”

The Fiesta’s door shut, with the girls inside, and the driver looked around calmly, unwilling to step out himself. Cy couldn’t make out the man’s face. Being the chauffeur in a sex trafficking ring didn’t appear to weigh too much on his conscience though, as he casually held onto the steering wheel, giving some demands to the Franco men through the window. Cy counted six heads duck into the Fiesta. The car weighed down with its new load. Cy heard a click sound, looked over and saw the passenger seat empty. His dad held his index finger to his lips outside the car’s window. Just as the man inside the Fiesta started to shift his car into drive, Cy saw his father running into the Fiesta’s path. How could he be so fast?!

“Let go of the girls!” Teddy shouted in English and waved his arms at the Fiesta, the Franco men beside it. No one moved. He reached into his pocket and pulled a .38 pistol out, pointing it straight at the men. Cy felt shock—fear, even—as the gun remained steady in his father’s hand. Both Franco men, and their thugs, ran from the alley to the side of the bar, to its safe illumination. The driver lifted his hands from the wheel, as Teddy approached. He kept his stainless steel pistol pointed squarely at the car. He only had time to open the door and pull three of the young ladies from the car, when the driver thrashed the car into gear and sped off recklessly, with three occupants still in the backseat.

What do you think? Ready for these three books? I sure am. So, how do you contact these amazing authors? Here is their info:

Contact Brian L. Tucker


About Jan Hemby


Contact Niki Krauss

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All three are available for personal appearances and interviews; contact Becki Brannen to schedule.

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