Reflecting on the old and looking to the New Year

As I sit and read through Facebook, I see all these posts about the new year and resolutions. I began to think back through this year. A lot has happened.

crecent city familyFirst off, last year this day, we welcomed an exchange student from Spain’s Basque Country to our family. He was with us for four months. I had four teenagers in the house at once–two seniors, a junior, and a seventh grader. It was never dull. Dinner time was full of laughter and learning about Spain.

Then in February I went to a writer’s conference with my two seniors. I enjoyed my day and had fun. I learned a lot about writing. I also heard about a publisher by the name of Booktrope. Little did I know how that would change what would happen in my year. By March, Dragon’s Future had been accepted for publication! I started this website and was amazed that people I didn’t know would want to receive an email telling them when I posted a blog.

June brought two graduations in one day. It was a busy day because the schools were fifty minutes away from each other. Our seventeen-year-old son graduated first, and then a few hours later I was able to give a hug to my nineteen-year-old daughter and the rest of her classmates after they had picked up the diplomas and were returning to their seats. It was a very special day.

My two seniors. The oldest graduated after the younger one.
My two seniors. The oldest graduated after the younger one.

July saw camps for the kids, computer time for me to prepare book trailers and edit two books, and a French exchange student came for a visit. It was a busy month at home. Dragon’s Future released in August. It was an exciting time as I had my first author interviews via web blogs, radio, and youtube channel videos. I also took four girls to the University of Oregon to learn about college life, while I took a workshop on Mindset.

School started in September. My youngest entered eighth grade, and my nineteen-year-old started college at the local community college. In October, The One Who Sees Me released on the same weekend that my eighteen-year-old headed off to college. Even though he is number four child, he was the first to really leave to go to college. It was a tough weekend. I was so proud of him stepping out and making friends.

Wyatt Family Thanksgiving 2015 (3 of 3)November began the holiday season. We were able to see our eighteen-year-old for the first time over Thanksgiving. We enjoyed a quiet meal with my folks and the family. The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we set up our tree and prepared for Christmas. I finished a new fantasy story I had started back in May and gained several new ideas for stories as well. December 8th, Dragon’s Heir released.

As I look to 2016, I don’t know what all it will bring. I have some things scheduled, but I know God has a way of throwing surprises our way as well. So, I am open to what He wants to bring our way. I look forward to the release of Dragon’s Revenge in April, Dragon’s Cure in August, and Dragon’s Posterity in December. I want to finish writing a story about Ruskya and Duskya that takes place right after the prologue to Dragon’s Future. I want to write a story that takes place in Egypt and then continue the series I just started this year. I also have some ideas of stories of the Carr–all based where Dragon’s Revenge takes place. So, we will see.

What has your year been like? Do you have anything you want to share? Feel free to comment below. And have a blessed New Year!

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