Forging, Theology, and a Mother’s Heart

Today, I am proud to have a guest on my post. He is a young writer who has only really “published” work for his school teachers. His one piece that was published for more people to view was a winning entry to the South Coast Writers Conference in Gold Beach, Oregon, last February. He won an admission to the conference. It was at that same conference that I met Tess Thompson and was introduced to Booktrope. This young writer is my eighteen-year-old son, Robin Wyatt. He is currently at Ecola Bible School in Cannon Beach, Oregon. This post first appeared on his personal Facebook page this last week as several entries. I read the first and wanted to share it with a broader audience. I asked for his permission to share it here. So, please help me welcome, Robin.

Why God is kind:

It finally makes some sense. So I have been thinking about God, and his characteristics, and there are people that only want to dwell on a god that is loving, kind, and forgiving. Then they do not think about God’s power, his justice, his wrath, and his holiness. However that part of him was the only part I understood. God’s loving kindness, and his forgiveness did not make sense. Why would he come down from his throne, and give his son to die so that we could be saved? It almost sounded stupid for me, but He was God and did not need to be questioned. But God finally revealed the answer to me in a way that I could understand it.

When god created us, it was like the parallel of a master smith forging a sword. He made, and shaped us the way he wanted us to be. When he was done, he stepped back and saw that it was perfect. But each time we sin, that is like the sword fell into the beach, and splashed around in the surf. It is fun when we do it, BUT, the thing we don’t always notice is that there is salt in the air and water. It burns the metal, and corrodes and eats away who the master smith made us to be. Soon we are covered in rust. Then when the master smith saw what his creation was doing, instead of destroying it and creating a better one; he gave us the opportunity to correct us. He will erase the rust that formed, and he will grind out the pits that formed. but it is not easy on the sword. The sword needs to be willing as well. However, when the sword constantly plays in the surf, then the more damage it causes to itself.

God calls us to be perfect, but we are not. However it is best if we stay out of the surf. He will not destroy us because we sin, but he will correct us in his own way.

God uses the people who have sinned to show his glory.

Encouragement for rough times:

If you are going through a rough time, remember: A sword needs to be sharpened so it is useful to the one who wields it. If you are struggling because of something in your childhood, remember: A sword was heated so it could be forged to designated design.

When you are having a hard time, remember: God has forged you perfectly, and he is sharpening you so that you will be perfect in his hands.

God and Satan as warriors:

Going with the sword analogy;
God, and Satan are warriors.
Most times Satan uses the best swords to fight against god, because they are strong, big, and easy to use, (these people are the big people: Hollywood stars, music artists, Atheists, and the other great minds), and they cut deep into the ones who are blind to the truth.

However god uses the small and rusted, and broken knives and daggers, to defeat Satan. (these ones are the small everyday people who live life, struggling just to have enough faith so that they can make it one more day without being discouraged and walk away from the one who made them), On their own they are practically useless. They are not sharp. They are coated with rust, and the pits in the metal are not pleasing to the eye.


The Angel and Revenge:

There once was a angel who fell for a trap. “I wish to be like God,” He said, but he was not strong enough to defeat Him. God had to punish the angel for his weakness, so He cast the angel and his followers from his presence. God then, in his patience and kindness, let the angel to walk on the earth that He created, instead of destroying him out right. However he was to be punished for his rebellion as all traitors that lose. God gave the angel a gracious amount of time, then when that time runs out God will cast the fallen angel into the “lake of fire”, or other wise known as hell, which He created specifically for the ones that rose up against him: The fallen angels and their leader. Then the fallen angel, taking advantage of God’s mercy, found God’s most precious creation, the human female and told her a lie. “If you disobey God then you will become like him,” He said knowing that this was the very thing he had wanted. Then the human was taken by her own desire, and it took the final step and shattered the only law its creator had given to it, because the fallen angel had given it a doubt and a reason. The fallen angel smiled. “My job is done” he thought. for he knew what he had done. He had taught his enemy’s most precious creation to disobey. That lesson would never be corrected unless God himself desired to remake the thing he had just created. He had marred his enemy’s most precious creation; the perfect revenge. Thus was his hate toward God. ” As long as I am here, I will take as much of his creation with me into the place He has made for me. It will be his fault when his creation leave him, and He will have no choice but to either change his rules, set me free from my punishment, or watch for an eternity as they burn with me. ” A shiver when through his spine. He feared that punishment, and he hated God all the more for not telling him how long he had before then. God then looked upon the fallen angel. and gave the word. ” You will lose every fight with me and you will be bound by what I say and you will not stray from my plans. If you wish to do anything you will need to come to me and beg for it. Your legs now belong to me.” and thus the fallen angel hated God’s creation, for God gave them a second chance, but yet he received none. “I WILL MAKE GOD DESTROY AS MANY OF HIS CREATION AS I CAN!” the fallen angel hissed, and he left the garden.

Robin with sword

About the author:
Robin Wyatt, the 18-year-old son of Kandi J Wyatt, is studying Bible at Ecola Bible School. When he’s not in college, he enjoys anime, fire dancing, and swords. He has a large collection of knives and swords which he makes sure stay in pristine condition by rubbing out rust and using orange oil to protect and shine them. He just finished his first draft of an epic fantasy which filled 508 college ruled pages handwritten with his favorite Ticonderoga pencils.

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