Fire Destroyer or Comforter


Crackling, sparkling, safe and secure
A comfort in the night
A welcome warmth after a winter excursion
A place to dry off after the rain
Warms frozen hands
Where you cuddle up to read your favorite book on an autumn evening
Perfect backdrop for telling stories
Contemplation is encouraged by staring at the sparks drifting upward
Roasts marshmallows to perfection–either golden brown or crispy black
Heats food and water for tea, coffee, or hot cocoa
Provides entertainment when expertly handled on the end of a staff, poi, or torch
Smell of its smoke brings back childhood memories of camping seasons gone by

Raging, burning, destroying
Licks up wood, grass, and home indiscriminately
Races faster than the eye can see
Creates tornadoes of flame that leap into the air
Leaps roads
Leaps burn lines
Dry tinder and rainless days are its friend
Sends fear into the hearts of firefighter families
Turns the sun a strange burnt umber
Started by just a small spark
Its smoke stings the eyes, burns the lungs, and causes death


If this one thing can have such drastic sides to it, why shouldn’t the noble creatures who wield its power not have both sides to them. If fire can help, why can’t dragons provide comfort, healing, and heat as well? If fire destroys, why can’t dragons also have a fierce side that destroys, rages, and creates havoc? Enter the world of the Dragon Courage series, where dragons provide courage, friendship, and comfort or on the other hand destroy, kill, and cast judgment. Fire can be both good and bad; therefore, dragons can be both benevolent and malevolent. They are the creatures who co-inhabit the world of humans.

What's your take?