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Several weeks ago, my publisher’s Facebook page had a call for fantasy authors to come together and do a blog swap in preparation for the release of Terry Persun’s book, Gargoyle. Since it was right along the same time as the Dragon’s Future‘s Release, I gladly joined. From today until Monday, August 10, seven authors will exchange blogs and offer a prize package of a book one of the Doublesight series. You can use the link to enter. You can also join the event on Facebook to keep in touch.

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You can follow the blog swap with this schedule:

 ** Blog Swap Schedule **

July 28 (Tues.): https://kandijwyatt.wordpress.com/ (Terry on my site)

July 29 (Wed.): http://www.terrypersun.com/#!blog/c23fy (Me on Terry’s site about Fantasy Creatures Big and Small)

July 30 (Thurs.): http://www.jonathangouldwriter.com/blog/

August 1 (Sat.): http://www.terrypersun.com/#!blog/c23fy

August 2 (Sun.): http://michaelgmunz.com/blog/

August 3 (Mon.): http://www.terrypersun.com/#!blog/c23fy

August 4 (Tue.): http://www.elisestephens.com/

August 5 (Wed.): http://www.terrypersun.com/#!blog/c23fy

August 6 (Thur.): http://davidmcovenant.com/?cat=1

August 7 (Fri.): http://www.terrypersun.com/#!blog/c23fy

August 9 (Sun.): (E.S. Tilton) http://sexyfantasyfiction.com/

August 10 (Mon.): http://www.terrypersun.com/#!blog/c23fy

Welcome Terry Persun as he talks about the window to a book’s soul, the cover.

Book Covers

I have wanted to talk about book covers for a long time now. I see so many of them on indie author books (even my own) that just don’t cut it. A good cover is expensive. Yes, you can go with a “cover house” for $100 or so, but even they start to look the same after a while. Check out the romance genre and you’ll see the same cover over and over again until it’s difficult to tell if the books are really different or not.

I’ve worked with small publishers, indie cover artists, friends who have better artistic senses than I have, and still find it difficult to get the right cover for a particular book. But, and I mean this, I find that Booktrope cover artist Greg Simanson (http://www.simansondesign.com/#!) is one of the best. He has everything a great cover artist needs: creativity, a willingness to try something different, and an open mind. He’s produced covers for me that were conceptionalized by another artist. He’s taken a theme and grown it from book to book. And he’s created abstract covers that say as much about the novel as the words I’ve written.

This is how I feel about his covers for my Doublesight novel series. Through open-mindedness and creativity, I believe he’s found a way to show the progression of the story lines simply and effectively through a single image for each cover. Here are the covers for the series.

Sunbeams on Footpath in Forest, cold Winter Morning


9781620158876-Perfect.indd DS3-Cover-loRes

Notice how the main character, a crow shape shifter, appears in each cover (yes, even the last one—with crow wings on the dragon). Notice how the circular element indicates movement and growth at the same time. And notice how the colors go from warm to hot, intensifying from book to book. Cover art is as important as the book itself, and I’m very happy with Greg’s work. When I saw the cover of my latest novel in the series, Gargoyle, I could feel the tension of the story all over again. Here’s a quick synopsis:

Not in control of his own abilities, and unsure about shape-shifting into his beast image, Korlan must learn about his skills, limitations, and power while struggling to save his mother from certain death.

Nashtin, King Belford’s cousin, took over the throne of Weilk Alshore, and is out to find Zimp, who he believes is the last of the doublesight to have infiltrated Castle Weilk and started a bloody battle that took many soldier’s lives. Zimp, along with other doublesight, now live in a hidden village where they hope to raise their children in peace.

When Nashtin finds Zimp and her friends’ village, he captures Zimp to take back to the castle. Barely able to control his own beast image, Zimp’s son, Korlan, pulls together a band of the most unusual doublesight shape-shifters in the village, and goes on a mission to save his mother.


Starting on September 1st Doublesight will be one of Amazon’s Kindle Worlds (https://kindleworlds.amazon.com). Join me, by writing a short story (5,000 to 10,000 words), novella (10,000 to 50,000 words), or novel (over 50,000 words) and get it published. I need to have a handful of stories ready by the September 1st, 2015 launch date, so if you’re interested, please contact me for more information. Any characters you create are yours to keep. Let’s have fun together. TerryPersun@gmail.com

My Best in Fantasy Review:




Terry Persun has been writing and publishing short stories and novels since the early 1970s. He has been the recipient of seven novel and poetry awards over the years, including the Star of Washington Award, a Silver IPPY for historical fiction, two Book of the Year finalist awards in the science fiction category, two finalist awards from the USABookNews International Book Awards (one in science fiction and one in historical fiction), two poetry chapbook awards, and a Jeanne Voge Poetry Award. Terry writes in a variety of genres including science fiction, thriller, mystery, and mainstream fiction. He is a respected keynoter and speaker at libraries, writers’ groups, writers’ conferences, and universities across the country. Terry has an MA in creative writing from SUNY Stony Brook.

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  1. they tell you not to judge a book by it’s cover… but i do

    i see things in images that will inspire words and i try to express this so i can help others see how i see the world
    so for me…pictures, drawings, art in visual form… is vital to my way of communicating

    i have gotten really good at being able to tell a good book by it’s cover art
    there are always exceptions

    i need kindle books as it is too expensive for me to keep growing a physical library (living in france for 7 yrs now, hard to find english books and am a bit poor for all the books i want, plus no space!!) and also the “older” i get the more allergic i become to the smell of ink and paper used for the books

    one thing i hate about kindle, i dont constantly see the cover art
    i forget the name of the book and the author and the image
    this makes it hard to share my love for the story
    i need visual reminders

    but thats me

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