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This week was Children’s Book Week. As I finished up, I thought yesterday’s post would be the last one about the book week and I’d finish with one for Mother’s Day. However, as I cruised through facebook, I found a link to a newspaper report and a video that I had to share with you all. You see, several weeks ago as I was teaching my sixth and eighth grade Spanish classes, my principal walked in with a reporter. It wasn’t until later that I found out that they were doing an article on our school district.

Our district is a small district; it doesn’t have a lot of funds or a lot of students. What it does have is community support. We have people from the community who say, “I know your kid. I read with him in SMART reading.” Or “I know her; I worked with her for ASPIRE.” We see the gym packed for basketball, but just as crowded for winter and spring concerts and graduation.

So, what does this have to do with Book Week? Well, you see you can read because of a teacher. Those teachers put in time, energy, and creativity to make their classes worth it to the kids. They want the kids to succeed. They work their tails off with multiple hats to make ends meet for themselves, but to see your child do the best he or she can. Kids learn to read or learn to love to read based on teachers. My son struggled through first and second grade with reading. It was torture! Then along came Miss Eve. She piloted some computer programs, she learned about brain games, she put energy into my son. By fourth grade, we went to Hollywood to share the success of one of the piloted computer programs. By then, my son was reading above grade level! It was a teacher who helped.

As you go about your day today, remember those teachers who helped to shape and mold you. If you know a teacher, encourage them. The year is almost over, and kids are antsy to be outside. It takes extra energy and enthusiasm to make it through the end. And if you have a chance, swing by and read the article and watch the video done by The World Newspaper. If you watch the video, you’ll see my daughter welding and you’ll catch a glimpse of my Eighth Grade Spanish class. You’ll be introduced to my town.

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