Lessons Learned from Twitter

At the end of March, my book manager said, “Kandi, I think you should get on twitter.” My initial reaction was, “Why?” I had actually tried to avoid social media. I downloaded the app onto my iPad and began trying it out. I’ve learned by trial and error and by watching others. Over the course of a month and a half, I have learned a few things.

First off, don’t use a hashtag for everything! It makes the message unclear. Second, don’t try to write a complete novel. It won’t work. And third, don’t just talk about yourself. What do I mean? Well, many authors are on twitter and all I see is “Here’s my book, buy it.” That doesn’t work. Now, I understand the book managers that are trying to promote other people’s books. That makes sense. It’s the shameless promotion of your own book constantly. What should we do instead? Well, one author has stood out to me over the course of my time on twitter. Brian Rathbone (not to be confused with the Rathbones in the Adventure in Odyssey series by Focus on the Family) doesn’t usually promote his books. In fact, I would recognize the trilogy name, but I wouldn’t recognize the titles. So, what does he write about?

Well, I’ve learned to look for his little icon over any others that I am following because I know I will get a good laugh or at least a smile for the day. Sometimes, I’ll get several of both! Little short sayings are what he’s famous for.

Never fist pump the Hulk!
How to immediately find all errors in your tweets. Step 1: click the Tweet button.
The magic of a dragon is not always spell or fire, sometimes its friendship.
It’s not who you know, it’s how many dragons you have standing behind you.
If you fall off the horse, get right back on. If you fall off the dragon, better luck next life.
My poetic license has been revoked. Twice. <sigh>
Sometimes I tweet things in invisible ink
I never should have introduced MC Hammer and Thor. Let’s just say some gods should not wear parachute pants.
Dragons do not respond well to goading…goating on the other hand
WARNING: The dragons went out for a light lunch. Authorities are suggesting people wear dark clothing.
Never look both ways before crossing a dragon.

So, today, as I got my smile and replied back, I was surprised to find a treasure. Brian had an additional two tweets today–Two of his books are on amazon for free Kindle downloads! Well, after having gained a relationship with him and looking forward to his daily tweets, of course, I had to go check it out. So, why don’t you, too. Take a look at them at least. I just went to amazon and typed in his name and found he’s has a lot of books on there. If you love fantasy, you’ll love his writing. I, for one, am glad that he didn’t take the advice of a former colleague and quit writing fantasy.

Click here to go to the book
Click here to go to the book
Click here to go find his books.
Click here to go find his books.

What's your take?