The Beauty Around Us

On twitter yesterday, someone posted pictures of daffodils and commented on how spring is finally here.  It made me pause and consider how those who live on the Southern Oregon Coast are so very blessed.  We have wonderful weather almost year round.  Today, I woke up to the birds chirping and singing as they made their way around to gather their breakfasts.  The robins, wrens, sparrows, jays, and pigeons all competed to bring a gorgeous symphony to my ears.  The sun rose in all its splendor, and the greens of the grass, trees, new buds, and bushes shone with the glory.  Flowers bloom all around me.  It is truly magnificent!

And yet, how often do we go about our business totally oblivious to it all?  We worry about the little things and big things.  We are consumed in our electronic devices and personal conflicts.  We don’t stop to be thankful.  We just go, living from one day to the next.  How can this be?  I’m as guilty as the next person.  I don’t stop and look in awe at the crashing waves along the shore.  I don’t take a day to go to the beach and experience the wonder of the sand in my shoes.  I’m working on it.  I’m trying something new–a gratefulness journal.  Each day I try to list at least five things I am thankful for that are unique to that day.  It helps me focus on the good.  It helps me see the beauty around me.

I read this psalm this morning and it seemed to just fit what all I was feeling.

You sent the springs into the valleys; they are flowing between the hills. They give drink to every beast of the field; the mountain asses come to them for water. The birds of the air have their resting-places by them, and make their song among the branches. He sends down rain from his store-houses on the hills: the earth is full of the fruit of his works. He makes the grass come up for the cattle, and plants for the use of man; so that bread may come out of the earth; (Psalm 104:10-14)

Enjoy your weekend.  May you be able to look past all the hardships, heartache, and pain around you and see the beauty.


Langlois Mountain Pacific coast

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