Hot Drink of Choice?

You have just relaxed in your favorite chair.  Your hands hold a steaming mug of the best liquid known to man.  You place your face over the vapor and inhale deeply.  Ah!  What pleasure!

The debate has raged over the years: coffee, tea, or cocoa?  I’m not here to solve it or add any fuel to the fire.  Instead, I want to think about why a hot cup of liquid can bring such wonderful feelings.  I believe it has to do with memories, associations, and relationships.

My first memories of a hot drink was coffee with Grandma and Grandpa.  My maternal grandparents lived with us.  They had an apartment in upstairs in our house.  I was no older than four when after a nap, I would wander upstairs to their house, knock on the door and be greeted with warmth and hugs.  We would sit down at the table to a cup of coffee.  I’m pretty sure mine was half milk, but it was still warm and refreshing.  To this day, I want milk in my coffee.

Certain people are associated with certain drinks.  I have specific friends that I think of when I think of tea.  I remember times over a cup of tea talking and sharing dreams, memories, and even gaining advice.  My daughter will always associate her Finnish families with coffee–black with a bit of sugar.  As far as my own kids go–my oldest three are coffee drinkers. My younger two detest the taste or smell; they’re tea drinkers.  My husband is a tea person.  In the past few years, he has come around to drinking coffee–some would be offended by the amount of sugar and milk he uses to make it edible.

Sometimes, drinks are associated with events.  Camping is a hot cocoa event.  Crowding around the campfire, holding the mug or Styrofoam cup, trying not to burn yourself and still get warm.  That’s camping.  Church is also a hot cocoa place for me.  Sunday mornings I’ll grab a cup of hot cocoa before Sunday School starts.  Coffee is a morning drink for me.  I sit down and enjoy it, or if it’s a work day, take it with me to enjoy throughout the morning.  Tea is associated with a specific time in my life.  I was struggling with issues and several friends came along and helped me through it.  They offered Tension Tamer tea.  That smell will to this day take me back to those times.

So, which are you?  Tea, coffee, or cocoa?  Are you like me, depending on the day and time?

As I wrote the Dragon Courage series, tea played an important role in the stories.  I drew on my own experience with the Tension Tamer to bring healing through tea.  So, pick up your favorite brew and relax.  Breathe the aromas and have a wonderful day!

Have a cuppa!
Have a cuppa!

What's your take?