Fantasy Writing Unit

This is a unit designed for Spanish 2 students, but can be adapted for later elementary or high school Language Arts classes or even ELL classes.  I have included the standards for Foreign Language, Common Core ELA, and Oregon ELP.

The unit itself, gives links to free sites, and I have included the materials that I have created along the way.  Enjoy and have fun.


Fantasy Writing Unit

Day 1-2 Spiderwyck days (PowerPoint)

Day 3-4 hero’s round and fantasy motifs with paper bag princes (PowerPoint)

Fantasy writing elements (handout)

Fantasy Writing Elements in Paper Bag Princess (worksheet)

Fantasy Writing Elements worksheet (worksheet)

Day 5 Silver Pony (PowerPoint)

Day 6 Characters (PowerPoint)

alliteration worksheet (handout)

Fantastical object character card (you can also find an interactive character card on ReadWriteThink )

Ruskya of Woolpren (Sample Character Card)

Dragons of Woolpren (story of dragons)

Dragones de Woolpren libro para ninos (simplified story of Dragons of Woolpren put into Spanish as a sample story)

Fantasy Story writing rubric (Rubric)

Proof reading handout (coming soon)


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