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<img="New Release cover">It’s here!!! Dragon’s Heritage is now officially available on all outlets! Just as each child has a different personality, each book has a different feel and theme. The oldest child always holds a special spot in a momma’s heart and the youngest often is spoiled. Dragon’s Future will always be special. It was the first–the one that I trusted to a publisher to accept or reject. It was the one my boys believed in.



So, I always tear up when I watch this video:

Therefore seeing the amount of people downloading and enjoying Dragon’s Future warms my heart and humbles me. (If you haven’t read it, you can purchase the ebook for free on all outlets. It’s also available on audible in an audio format.) Since Dragon’s Future released each of the other books has held it’s own charm and excitement.

It’s Place:

What’s different this time? This is the book I didn’t expect to have. I hadn’t planned on a prequel to the Dragon Courage series. However, as I read amazon reviews and chatted with readers, I learned I needed a prequel. In some ways, Dragon’s Heritage isn’t a prequel so much as a companion book to Dragon’s Future and caps the series.

  • If we’re looking at the Dragon Courage time line, we start with Ruskya and Duskya as twelve-year-olds on the day of the choosing. That’s the prologue to Dragon’s Future.
  • The time right after the prologue is explained in a journal Duskya kept.
  • Then we have the rest of the story of Dragon’s Future with Kyanos and Kyn’s choosing.
  • Ten years later, Dragon’s Heir shows us Braidyn’s maturing and finding the land of the El’shad’n.
  • Four months after the ending of book 2, we travel with Kyn to the Carr in Dragon’s Revenge.
  • Serena meets Mertenia and Carryn eight years after Dragon’s Revenge.
  • The youngling challenge begins four summers after Serena and Carryn return to Boeskay. How the challenge came to be is explained in Dragon’s Posterity.
  • Twenty-one years after the youngling challenge, Carryn brings Mere and Glen to see Grandma Duskya. She tells them the story of the rider who didn’t want to be a rider. (The in between parts of Dragon’s Cure.)
  • A few months later, Carryn and Kyn discuss the kids’ reaction to the story and Kyn remembers the beginning of the youngling challenge. (Prologue to Dragon’s Posterity.)
  • When Mere is sixteen (ten years later), a former friend turns into a bully. Mere runs into Grandda Cerulean who takes her to Grandma Duskya. Grandma hands Mere a journal.

It’s Theme:

I wrote Dragon’s Heritage while teaching middle school students as well as high school students. The story actually was outlined on a bus while I was chaperoning a high school field trip. However, I knew I needed to cover some basic information. Within that set Ruskya would be viewed as a non-entity and yet prove his worth. (Yes, even though it’s Duskya’s story, her twin keeps getting the spotlight.) I also had to tell Duskya’s story–the why behind her attitude. With all that in mind, Dragon’s Heritage became a story of how to accept who you are, how to handle a bully, and the struggle of having friendships that drift.

You can find Dragon’s Heritage on all outlets for 99 cents through Friday, April 7. After that, it’ll be back up to $2.99. So be sure to get your copy before Friday.

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