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Dragon’s Heritage will be here in

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And to celebrate, I’m doing one more giveaway!

This one is a combo pack. Dragon’s Heritage advanced ebook and Dragon’s Future audio book. The two go hand in hand. Dragon’s Heritage tells the story of Duskya and Ruskya between the prologue of Dragon’s Future and chapter one. It’s told in Duskya’s words as a youngling but seen through the eyes of her granddaughter, Mere.

The story came about due to amazon reviews and reader questions. Everyone who reads Dragon’s Future comments about the confusing dragon names and the ‘y’s in all the names. Dragon’s Heritage has the answers to why this is. Other readers have said they want more of Duskya. Dragon’s Heritage gives us more of Duskya–both as a younging and as a grandma. It also answers some questions about what happens to dragon rider children as well as Calamadyn twin descendents.

Need more incentive to enter the contest or pre-order your own copy just in case you don’t win? Here’s an excerpt.

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So, what do you have to do to enter for your chance to win Dragon’s Heritage and an audio book of Dragon’s Future? With Dragon’s Heritage the Dragon Courage series comes to a close, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more stories in the world. I’m currently thinking of stories from the Carr. Since Dragon’s Heritage is a reader inspired story, tell me your ideas for stories you’d like to hear. If you haven’t read the Dragon Courage series yet, (here’s the link to a free download of Dragon’s Future), roam the rest of my blog and comment here about what kind of blog posts you’d like to read more of. For another entry, follow my blog. If you already have done that, just comment that you have.

You’ll want to follow the comments, because I’ll announce the winner on Monday morning both here and on my Facebook page. So, leave your comments below.

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